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Peter = Peter

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Q: What is the name Peter in German?
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How do you pronounce the name Peter in German?

The "Pe" in "Peter" is pronounced as "pay." The "ter" part is pronounced as in the English "tear" (to rip)

When was Peter German born?

Peter German was born on 1965-02-02.

How do you spell peter in German?

It's the same: Peter.

What has the author Peter Halm written?

Peter Halm has written: 'Early German engravings' -- subject(s): German Engraving

What nicknames does Peter Muehlenkamp go by?

Peter Muehlenkamp goes by German Pete.

What has the author Peter Michels written?

Peter Michels has written: 'Der Brunnen Gottes' -- subject(s): Christian poetry, German, Dialects, German Christian poetry, German language, Texts

What has the author Peter Staengle written?

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In Peter Pan what is the real name of Peter?

His real name is Peter.

What has the author Peter Thoene written?

Peter Thoene has written: 'Modern German art'

What is the origin of the surname Peterson?

Peterson means "son of Peter" It is an English, Scandanavian and German varant of a surname that is widely used throughout Christian Europe because of its derivation from the name of St. Peter.

Your name in German?

Your name is dein Name (informal) or Ihr Name (formal) in German. The name "Hunter" in German is "Jäger"

What has the author Peter Wawerzinek written?

Peter Wawerzinek has written: 'Mein Babylon' 'Es war einmal--' -- subject(s): German Parodies, Parodies, German

What has the author Peter Suchsland written?

Peter Suchsland has written: 'Die Sprache der Jenaer Ratsurkunden' -- subject(s): German Manuscripts, German language

How do you say Sarah in German?

Names are tranlated as they would be pronounced in their original language. There are some German forms of English names, John for instance is Johann. The feminine form of Peter is Petra, which is the actual Greek word for rock from which the English name Peter is derived. But, Sarah would still be Sarah in German, just with a really cool accent.

Is the name hudish a German name?

No, Hudish is not a German name.

When was Peter Atanassow born?

Peter Atanassow was born in 1968, in Dresden, German Democratic Republic.

What has the author Peter Pauly written?

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What has the author Jacob Peter Bang written?

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What has the author Peter Dasypodius written?

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What is the birth name of Peter Lindbergh?

Peter Lindbergh's birth name is Peter Brodbeck.

What is the birth name of Peter Loizos?

Peter Loizos's birth name is Peter Papaloizou.

What is the birth name of Peter Masters?

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