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Clara Barton, her real name was Clarissa Harlowe Barton. Clara Barton, her real name was Clarissa Harlowe Barton.


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lady Capulet is a foli of the nurse and she's a flat character.

Juliet's nurse. Or "Nurse" if you read the script. The nurse summons for Juliet on behalf of Lady Capulet.

The difference between the Nurse and Juliet's mother is that the Nurse is more of the "real" mother than Lady Capulet is. This is because the Nurse was Juliet's nurse (obviously), and had more of a connection between Juliet than Lady Capulet. The Nurse treats Juliet as her own daughter, because her real daughter, Susan, had already died. Lady Capulet is more concerned about how Juliet affects her status, more than actually caring about her.

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Nurse and Lady C believe Paris is a good choice for Juliet to marry. Nurse feels Paris is a "man of wax" and Lady C thinks Juliet is at the perfect age to marry.

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the nurse is more ugle and less valuable. She also doesnt bathe as much. Lady capulet smells like dandylions, is humorous, and is a lot taller.

there's mercutio and romeo Juliet and the nurse benvolio and romeo lady Capulet and the nurse

Lady Capulet is Juliets mother BUT the nurse brought Juliet up. Juliet was raised in Italy in the house of Lord and Lady Capulet, her parents. But largely by her Nurse and servant Angelica.

They both want to see Juliet married.

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