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What is the name for a ballot question that asks voters if the state constitution should be changed?

A change to a constitution is called an "amendment."A ballot vote on a prospective law is called a referendum.

What is the name for a ballot question that asks if the constitutions should be changed?

The ballot would be a referendum or initiative, and the change would be an amendment.

How do citizens get a proposed law or amendment to the state constitution put on the ballot at an election?

They should petition their representative to sponsor the amendment proposal.

Why constitution require an extraordinary majority for the ratification of amendment to the constitution?

Because the constitution should not be changed at the whim of any simple majority.

Why should you have not signed the constitution?

that's a dumb question

Should some of the laws in the US constitution be changed?

no it was made in the 1700s and was good then and good now

How often should timing belt be changed on Mitsubishi spacewagon?

in answer to your question the timing belt should be changed every 55/60 thousand miles

Can the Constitution change by adding an amendment?

Yes, by adding an amendment you are amending, therefore changing the constitution. After an amendment has been added it is therefore considered part of the constitution, and it should be followed. In otherwords, yes the constitution can be changed by adding an amendment.

How often should power steering fluid be changed?

Check the Color if it is Dark or Smells Burnt then it should be changed. Related [ Question and Answer]

Should the US Constitution be radically changed to fit the current reality of your country?

The constitution of the United States is a set of ideals which the founding fathers put in place, and they should not be changed. However, adding amendments to, or the creation of laws in the supreme court in order to adjust the country to the current environment is mandatory.

What was the main question James Madison thought about when he was writing the Constitution?

he was thinking if the u.s should have a goverment

Does the constitution have to be amended frequently because it is inflexible?

A constitution should be inflexible; a person should not be able to interpret its contents in a number of different ways, but in one way that is fair for all. Amendments allow a constitution to be updated and corrected to reflect the changes in society, but not so that it can be changed on a flimsy whim.

What is a document listing the alternatives that is used in voting called?

A document listing the alternatives that is used in voting is called a ballot. A voter uses one ballot and should not share it with anyone. It is called ballot paper in British English.

How did the constitution affect fellow Americans?

The Constitution affect us, Americans, today because it makes the choices of how we live and what rules that we should follow. Without those rules, our lives would be terror! But thanks to the Constitution, we can vote the president in, and it includes whoand who will run!So, this is what the Constitution has done for us! Our lives today has been changed because, people signed this document and changed our lives!

Should constitutional rights be limited?

They should not be limited since the Constitution gave us these rights and if they have to be limited there has to be an amendment. If not they can not be limited or changed. Our founding fathers gave us these rights for a reason!

Should 0.7 be greater than 0.07?

It is. (There is no question of should or should not.)It is. (There is no question of should or should not.)It is. (There is no question of should or should not.)It is. (There is no question of should or should not.)

Does the constitution call for the president to be elected by the people?

The Constitution gives the exact method in which presidential elections are to take place. This has, however, changed since the founding (though constitutional amendment). You really should just read the constitution. It will only take a few hours, and it's kind of important.

When voting is it necessary to fill out an absentee ballot when a proxy form has been filled out?

When a person fills out a proxy form he is basically giving to another person the right to vote for him. A proxy is not a ballot. The person carrying the proxy should be given a ballot for himself and one for the proxy that he is carrying for another.

What city issue concern you should put on The ballot in November?

That would depend on the city you live in.

Why do Wikianswers supervisors change questions some people wrote which most of the time has nothing to do with the original question that was asked?

Sometimes questions are changedIf the meaning of the question was unclear,If the spelling or the grammar needed fixing,If there was another question that was asking exactly the same thing,If there are rude or slang words in the question that not everyone might understand.But when a question is changed, it should always be asking the same as the original question . Sometimes supervisors make mistakes, so it is fine to ask them, or another supervisor, in a polite way, why the question was changed. You can do this on their message boards.

Are the constitution and amendment the same?

Amendment are changes to the Constitution. They are things that should be added to the Constitution.

Supporters of the Constitution thoughtthat the central government should?

Supporters of the Constitution thought that the central government should

According to the Iroquois constitution a great leader should?

According to the Iroquois Constitution, a great leader should _____.

Things that should not be changed in America?

nothing should be changed because America is an awesome state

How often should the pre filter be changed?

Pre-filter for what? You posted this question in the Fuel Filter category. So I must assume you mean the pre-filter on the fuel pump. That is changed when the fuel pump is replaced.