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What is the name for a four sided figure?

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There are many four sided figures that are named some are:

  • square
  • rectangle
  • trapezoid
  • parallelogram
  • rhomb
  • kite
All of these are called quadrilaterals
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The name of a four sided figure (or shape) is called a Square. :)

A four sided figure is called a quadrilateral.

A pyramid is a four-sided, three-dimensional figure.

No. A quadrilateral is a four sided figure

A four sided figure with no parallel sides is a trapezium, but it is also an irregular four-sided polygon, tetragon, quadrilateral, or quadrangle.

I would say a square, it has four right angles and four sides.

Icosagon is a 20 sided figure.

The name that is given to an 8 sided figure is a octogan.

A 15-sided figure is called a pentadecagon.

A 5 sided figure is called a: pentagon

A four-sided plane figure.


Because, in this four sided figure, the opposite sides are parallel to each other.

The general name for a four-sided figure is "quadrilateral".

A four sided figure is known as a quadrilateral and its 4 interior angles add up to 360 degrees

Every four sided figure is a quadrilateral which includes a parallelogram.

In a quadrilateral (four sided polygon), the four angles will add up to 360°.

A four sided figure with four equal sides and no right angles is a diamond, or a rhombus. If it had four right angles, it would be a square.

a 4 sided figure * * * * * A four sided figure need no be a parallelogram. Think of a kite!

A 5-sided figure is called a pentagon.

The name of am 11-sided figure is a "hendecagon". ---- Also known as an "undecagon".

the name of a two sided figure is a jamie n its the coolest shape ever created the name of a two sided figure is a jamy n its the coolest shape ever created

Heptagon - a seven sided two demensional figure

square,rectangle, or rhombus