What is the name for a pattern of stars in the sky?


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They're called constellations.

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A pattern of stars in the sky is called a Constellation!(: The name for a pattern of stars is an Asterism, of which the named Constellations are some but not all.

Those would be "constellations".

A pattern of stars in the sky is often called a Constellation.

how did the stars get in the sky the stars got in the sky by a famous person her nickname was STELLA with the water gun she shot the stars in the sky and that is how the stars got in the sky you'll have 1000 dollars sent to your door if you can name her real name.

The name of the Egyptian's goddess of sky and stars is Nut.

"Orion" is the name, originally, of a certain recognizable pattern of several stars in the sky, and now, of a clearly defined region of the sky that includes that pattern and several thousand additional stars, nebulae, and galaxies. Each of those objects has a different temperature.

a pattern or picture made up of stars in the night sky

A constellation The correct answer is an Asterism, a constellation is the phsyical location of a body of stars.

An asterism. If this is for classwork, your teacher may be expecting the answer "constellation," which technically speaking is not a pattern of stars but a designated area of sky. You'll have to decide which to use based on how competent you think your teacher is.

The group of stars is called Constellation. I think it's cluster.

Hercules is a constellation pattern of stars in the sky. Certainly not a galaxy.

Generally that would be called a "constellation".

No. Neptune is a planet, while a constellation is a pattern of stars in the sky. The thing about constellations is that they do not really exist; Neptune is real and the stars are real, but the PATTERN of the stars exists only in our own minds.

Either "constellations" or "asterisms".

The constellation Ursa Major isn't in the sky at all; it is in our minds, in our imaginations. There are several stars which, from our particular point of view, appear to form a pattern. The pattern isn't real; we thought it up, and made up stories about it. But the pattern isn't in the stars.

They don't, really. The stars are randomly distributed across the sky. But as humans, we want to make sense of things, so human minds thought up images to see in the stars and stories to tell about them.

Group of stars forming patterns in the sky is called constellation. However, not every group of stars is a constellation. The constellations standardized and given names long ago. The grouping is based entirely on the apparent arrangement of the stars from earth.

They look like they may be stars, but they streakacross part of the sky in a few seconds.

Absolutely nothing bar the fact that they appear to form a pattern in the sky.

A constellation looks like a pattern or picture in the sky. A constellation is a cluster of stars.

They are called constellations.

The ISBN of The Stars in the Bright Sky is 9780099461821.

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