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What is the name for men excessively concerned with fashion and elegance?


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October 16, 2008 12:34PM

i dont know if this ois offencive to some people, sorry if it is but i think its called a metrosexual. Danwinx EDIT: The name "metrosexual" is probably what you're after. However, it technically is not applied to men 'excessively concerned with fashion and elegance'. The name 'metrosexual' refers to heterosexual males (typically in an urban environment), who takes great care in their own personal appearance, AS WELL AS lifestyle. Essentially, it describes the sophisticated and cultured urban man who cares about how he is perceived by others. For more information, as well as an amusing read, check out the introduction of a book called "The Metrosexual Guide To Style: A Handbook For The Modern Man" By Michael Flocker. The rest of the book is a bit naff though. Dan