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Those who practice witchcraft are called witches, wizzards, magicians, magi (plural of magus), sorcerers, conjurers, wiccans (wicca is also considered a pseudo-pagan religion) and warlocks (a term considered offensive by some practicers of witchcraft).

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Q: What is the name for people who practice witchcraft?
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How many people practice witchcraft?


Do masons practice witchcraft?

Freemasons do not practice witchcraft.

Do people practice witchcraft in the new millennium?


Who practises witchcraft?

Some people practice witch craft.

What part of speech is witchcraft?

The word witchcraft is a noun. It is the practice of witches.

Would people in the Elizabethan Era charged of witchcraft?

they will be tortured ---- Yes, some people were charged with being witches during Elizabeth's reign. In 1562 the Witchcraft Act was passed that made it illegal to practice conjuring, enchantments and witchcraft.

Can anyone practice witchcraft?


Do all Catholics practice witchcraft?

Catholics do not practice witchcraft That is considered paganism which is a different religion and belief system all together.

What is the proper name for witchcraft?

The proper name for witchcraft is Witchcraft with a capital "W."

How do you practise witchcraft?

Before you attempt to practice something, it is best to learn as much as you can about that topic before you jump into it. Witchcraft is not a toy, most people view it as a faith or a religion.

Why do witches practice witchcraft?

so they can get better at it

When was witchcraft first discovered and in what year?

Witchcraft is an ancient practice, it has always been here, it was never discovered in any particular year as the practice is timeless.

How many people confessed to witchcraft?

By saying 'confessed' you make it sound as if witchcraft is some horrible unspeakable thing.There are many different kinds of witchcraft. Within white magic, there are many religions who practice witchcraft. Many of those religions are part of the pagan community. But there is some black magic, those numbers of practitioners are lower, and give the rest of the practitioners of white magic a bad name.There is no number of people who 'confessed' to witchcraft. Many people practice it, and I've never seen any poll that relates to numbers of practitioners.Scratch that. Whoever posted that is an idiot. Witchcraft was a punishable crime in New England during the 17th and 18th centuries. Although I do not know the exact answer, I do know that over 100 people were tried and hanged for witchcraft.You can find more information here:

How many practice witchcraft in America?

You'd be amazed how many of us there really are. And no its not Harry Potter witchcraft

What is the difference between Witchcraft and Pagan?

Pagan is an umbrella term that refers to religions that usually involve pantheism (many gods) or nature worship. Witchcraft (Wicca) is considered a pagan religion, but not all pagans practice witchcraft. Also, if you want to get technical, witchcraft is a magickal practice, while Wicca is a religion based on witchcraft.

What is the difference between wicca and witchcraft?

Basically, only the negative connotation associated with the word Witchcraft. But witchcraft has been around longer, and wicca was inspired by witchcraft. The people who practice call witchcraft the ancient craft, while wicca is more modernized

What is a name for Caribbean witchcraft?

The name foe witchcraft in the Caribbean is OBEAH.

Why do people still practice withcraft?

For the same reason people worship their God/s.It is a tradition and a belief and some people choose to follow it; whether it comes to anything is down to the opinion of the person.Another response:Wiccans practice witchcraft as part of their religious life. Because Wiccans (witches) do not believe in the existence of Satan or any other personification of evil, the practice of witchcraft is not Satan worship.

What is 'witch hunt'?

A witch hunt is the search for either evidence of witchcraft or people who practice it. Metaphorically, this can apply to any situation.

What is a 'witch hunt'?

A witch hunt is the search for either evidence of witchcraft or people who practice it. Metaphorically, this can apply to any situation.

How is someone a witch?

A Witch is someone who practices Witchcraft. There are so many variations of Witchcraft. Someone who have learn and practice Witchcraft is a Witch. Anyone can learn and become a Witch.

What is a witch-hunt?

A witch hunt is the search for either evidence of witchcraft or people who practice it. Metaphorically, this can apply to any situation.

What verse in the bible talks about God turning his face from those who practice witchcraft?

"Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood." Revelations 22:14 There are many other verses, but this one in the end of Revelations is saying that there is no place in heaven for people who practice witchcraft.

Is the practices of European American teachings of Christianity witchcraft or is witchcraft in Christianity?

Witchcraft is not allowed in Christian beliefs. The Christian bible (King James edition) clearly says those who practice witchcraft and black magic will not go to heaven.