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Well not knowing your age makes it a little difficult, but there are two distinct possibilities from what I am finding. In young teen males, white lumps/bumps that aren't irritated or hurting can be called 'coronal papillae' and aren't necessarily uncommon. Good hygiene is important, and you may or may not be able to treat them. There seems to be a cause in not cleaning the area good enough as you grow up. Some people seek a form of surgery to remove them, but that is likely a costly choice. Also, it says that they can "fade" over time but usually not go away. The other possibility that comes to mind is genital warts. Those can be inflamed and painful, and you'd definitely need medical intervention. I'm no doctor, so you should probably seek more professional advice! :)

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Where is the dartos muscle located?

The dartos fascia is the layer of smooth muscle tissue located just beneath the surface of the skin in the scrotum. It is responsible for regulating the temperature in the testicles to promote spermatogenesis, i.e. the creation of sperm. This is what causes the scrotum to appear wrinkled, or rugose.

What causes your scrotum to hang so much stretch as you get old?


What causes shade beneath a tree?

Shade beneath a tree is caused by the leaves.

Why in 12 year old boy the penis and the scrotum are much tanner then the rest of the skin?

The skin of the scrotum darkens during puberty, and this is normal. It is simply a pigment in the skin that causes it.

What causes discoloration of skin color on the scrotum?

A rash, blood vessel problem, prostate problem or other problems can cause discoloration of the scrotum. If this is not a homework question get to the doctor right away.

What are the causes of absolutism?

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What is the condition which causes part of the brain not to form?

A condition which causes part of the brain not to form is called anencephaly.

What causes the hot materials beneath ocean floor to move?

Convection currents.

What is the causes of the disease or condition Etiology?

Etiology is a generic term not a disease or condition. It is a branch of medical science concerned with the causes and origins of disease.

What causes a man to scratch his scrotum always?

He can have a rash or with a lot of guys, it is just a nervous habit. They are not even aware they are doing it for the most part.

Condition that causes a ring in your ear?

its an infection

What condition causes the bones to weaken?


What condition causes the release of erythropoietin?


Osteoprosis is a condition that makes bones?

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes bones to be weak and brittle.

What is the medical term meaning disorder with bleeding beneath the skin that causes spontaneous bruising?


What you will feel after testicular torsion?

The condition causes sudden and severe pain, enlargement of the affected testicles, swelling and tenderness. Your testicle may seem swollen or may look like it is higher in the scrotum than the other testicle. You may also experience vomiting, nausea, blood in the semen and dizziness.

What process in Earth's interior causes subduction and sea-floormspreading?

Convective flows of molten rock beneath the Earth's crust causes tectonic plates to spread apart in one area and to sink or be subducted beneath another plate at the opposite edge of the plate.

What skin condition causes dry and cracked hands?

name for dry , scaly skin condition

What is any environmental condition that causes an organism to adjust to a new condition?

stimulus. (plural, stimuli)

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What condition is causes by the lack of cortisol?

Addison's Disease

What is the name of the condition that causes thin joint?


What types of plate boundary causes one plate to sink beneath the other?

The type of boundary that causes one plate to sink beneath the other is called Convergent Plate Boundary. Mostly such invoves two different plate types like continental and oceanic plates.

What are the causes of sexual dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction has two general causes, either a medical condition, such as heart disease, diabetes, thyroid condition, smoking, alcohol or drug use; or psychological condition such as stress, anxiety or depression.

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