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What is the name for the condition that causes white seed-like lumps just beneath the skin of the scrotum?



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Well not knowing your age makes it a little difficult, but there are two distinct possibilities from what I am finding. In young teen males, white lumps/bumps that aren't irritated or hurting can be called 'coronal papillae' and aren't necessarily uncommon. Good hygiene is important, and you may or may not be able to treat them. There seems to be a cause in not cleaning the area good enough as you grow up. Some people seek a form of surgery to remove them, but that is likely a costly choice. Also, it says that they can "fade" over time but usually not go away. The other possibility that comes to mind is genital warts. Those can be inflamed and painful, and you'd definitely need medical intervention. I'm no doctor, so you should probably seek more professional advice! :)