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Ejaculation, just like when sperm leaves the penis and enters the vagina

the water leaves the soil and enters the plant, pua leaves you gaging for it oioiii

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Transpiration is the name for the journey of water through a plant.

I think it is the water and the roots.....!! :)

Current, exactly the same name as for the flow of water in a river,

because he through that it was a plant from the gods

Anode The name for a positive charge conductor through which electrons flow into a device is called the life conductor.

Electricity is one of the many forms of energy naturally occurring in the universe. Specifically, electricity is the flow of electrons through a conductor, like a wire. It comes from other forms of energy. In the case of a power plant it comes from burning of fuel, nuclear reactions, rays of sunlight, or the flow of water or air to name a few.

The roots of a plant are responsible for absorbing water and nutrients from the soil to help in plant growth.

Cuscuta reflexa is the scientific name of dodder plant. It is a total parasite and nourishes from the host plant through haustoria.

Insulators - they cannot allow electricity to flow through them as they have no mobile charge carriers present. Insulators - they cannot allow electricity to flow through them as they have no mobile charge carriers present.

The process is called "Transpiration" Water is drawn from the soil into the roots of the plant. From here it is transported up the plant to the leaves through vascular structures by capillary action, carrying nutrients with it. Once the water reaches the leaves it evaperates through pores called stomata in the leaves.

It's name is hydrophobic plant.

money plant water melon tomato plant

Rivers Clyde and Kelvin flow through Glasgow.

The water lily, as the name suggests, grows in the water. That is what the term "aquatic plant" means. The Latin word aqua means water.

Numerous rivers flow through Ireland such as, Shannon, Barrow etc

A substance that lets electricity flow through it is called a conductor (or sometimes, to be more explicit, it is called an electrical conductor). Substances which do not permit the flow of electricity are called insulators.

Plants absorb minerals and water through their root hair cells. Root hairs are tiny hairs covering the ends of the smallest roots.

It is called transpiration. When rate of transpiration increases, it must be accompanied by increase in rate of water absorption. Or else, the plant will wilt.

An electric circuit is the name of the path in which an electric current can flow.

Maize is another name for corn.

The name for the status of a circuit that has breaks which electric current that can't flow is called a Closed Circuit. Electric current cannot flow through an open circuit.

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