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identical twins are single egg twins. fraternal twins a two egg twins. fraternal

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yes they are No, They arent twins, They are 2yrs apart

They arent twins, they are just sisters, LaToya is older.

they get genes from their parents and not all of them are the same

The second child born to the Shakespeare's was actually twins: Judith or Hamnet.

what do you think? Do they have the same last name? same parents? same looks or even close? nope! They arent even related

Yes, the name Tom is actually pretty cool. The name Tom comes from Hebrew origins and it means twins.

Another name for fraternal twins is dizygotic twins.

No they are not twins, they are both Dove Cameron.

they are officially communist but they arent actually communist

No, dizygotic twins are fraternal twins. Monozygotic twins are identical twins.

The fact that twins run in families is actually a myth. The odds of twins having twins is the same as a non-twin having twins. That is about 1 in 33.

actually u have a greater chance of twins then

The twins name is Cleopatra Selene and Alexander Helios.

the rosso twins name on stardoll is milly.becky

When the Twins resided in Washington, they were called the Washington Senators. They changed their name to Twins, when they moved to Minnesota in 1961

They had twins but they were actually called Hamnet and Judith.

Gemini. Its name is Latin for "twins", and it is associated with the twins Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology.

No they are not Olsen is actually a very common name in America

sometimes they are sometimes they arent. actually animals are heterotrophs.

The most famous (Chinese) conjoined twins were the Siamese twins

Yes. Conjoined twins form when the fertilized egg starts to split, but does not completely split into two. Improved. There are no known cases of opposite sex Conjoined twins but that does not mean it can not happen. it is generally believed that identical twins means actually identical but the correct term now is actually monzygotic twins meaning one sack the reason they use this term is because to simply put it identical twins is actually rare when twins are born of the same sack Mono they are rarely actually identical and as such it is possible for a monozygotic twins to not completely sperate but in rare cases actual identical twins can in fact be of seperate sexual phenotype's they usually have some other defect

The older set of twins were Bert and Nan, the younger twins were Freddie and Flossie.

Brie and Nikki are actually twins. on TV they are known as Bella's but in real life they're called the Garcia Twins.

They are not actually twins, the cullens tell every body that they are twins because they both look alike and have blonde hair.

There are actually two sets of twins. Jana and John-David are the first pair of twins, and Jedidiah and Jeremiah are the second.