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Q: What is the name if the red spaniel in 'Adam of the road'?
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What is the name of the red spaniel in 'Adam of the Road'?

it is Katie renie davenport

Who is the red spaniel in Adam of the road?


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maybe. it depends what language you're talking about

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It clearly comes from the biblical Adam, whose name comes from the Hebrew "man of the red earth."Well if your name is Adam then you are a terrible person and should die. jk..

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Adam (אדם) means "person" or "human", but it is it also connected to the word for earth (adama, אדמה) and the word for red (adom, אדום).

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The duration of Red Road - film - is 1.88 hours.

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The Red Road - 2014 was released on: USA: 27 February 2014

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