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The Nautilus was the name of Capt. Nemo's submarine.

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Malin is nemos dads name

Nemos mom layed about 66 eggs...

Nemos school friends are called the class.

She is killed by a barracuda.

A submarine named Nautilus

The dad, Marlin, finds his son.

Awwwww you guys made me ink!!

Coral , Nemo's mother , was done in by a barracuda .

William Nemos has written: 'Artificial memory: the grand method of making a bad memory good, and a good memory better' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Mnemonics

He is a clown fish so he eats plants and fish food

Nemo's father's name is Marlin. He is also a clownfish.

There is only one Finding Nemo movie currently out

By growing certain plants you will attract certain fish.

It's simply reffered to as; 'The Lucky Fin.' :-) Hope I helped!

none of them lived they were eating ALIVE ahahaha

Elizabeth Perkins plays Nemo's mother, Coral.

Actor Albert Brooks lent the voice talents for the character of Nemo's dad.

He was an egg and she died before he hatched.

Seahorse: Sheldon Pink Octopus: Pearl Butterflyfish: Tad

Dory the school of silver fish The turtles: Crush and Squirt The whale The pelican

The fish who stated "Nemo's swimming out to sea" is in fact named Kathy.

because when he was an egg a barracuda ate his mother and all the other eggs but it also cracked nemos egg

In "Finding Nemo," Nemo's dad was named Marlin. Marlin was voiced by Albert Brooks.

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