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How do you make the name Emily plural?

Emilys is the plural of Emily

What is the name of a purebreed werewolf?

There is no such thing as a "Purebreed Werewolf".

Who made up the name werewolf?

the name werewolf came from the god of the werewolves:- the Anubis !

What is Frodo's couson's name?

Frodo is a cousin to Bilbo, but was adopted by him and was his heir. He is also a cousin to Merry and Pippin.

Can you name a good present for a werewolf?

a werewolf girlfriend or boyfriend

How do you find your werewolf name?

just go to: http://www.quizilla.com/quizzes/3763451/what-is-your-werewolf-name

Name a present to give to a werewolf?

A lunar calendar.Meat. girl werewolf

What is another name for a werewolf?

another name 4 a werewolf is a lycan but if u hate them like i do a mutt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who was queen esther's cousin?

Mordecai is the one cousin whose name is recorded.See also:More about Esther and Mordecai

What is name of duggars cousin seen on show?

The Duggar childrens cousin (also Jim Bob's niece) is named Amy.

Can you become a werewolf in RuneScape?

No. well it are a next best werewolf if you get a ring of charos werewolfves will think you are one also you can use a werewolf name and in Halloween event 2010 it was a drink called moonlight you must give it werewolves in the quest but if you drink it you become a werewolf for a short amout of time:).

Name a good gift to give werewolf?

comb _______________ You have to get to know them in human form and then know what they like, then you can give them a gift (or gifts) from what you know about them. If they are in werewolf form - unless they can identify with you in werewolf form - just don't go near them, they could be hungry and try to maul you, possibly turning you into a werewolf also.

What is jokers name?

there are many websites that say that he was once called jack. he had a cousin that is also insane, and referred to joker as "cousin jack"

What is the other name for a third cousin?

A third cousin is just that, a third cousin, there is no other name for the relationship.

What is the name of Usher's cousin?

is one of usher cousin name summer caincross.

What Cody Simpson's cousin name?

he's cousin name is Charlie Barker

What is the name of Zayn Malik's cousin?

im his realative cause his cousin is my cousin

Who was the cousin of Esther in the old testament?

Mordecai was Esther's cousin.See also:More about Esther

What is the scientificlatin name for a werewolf?

lycon or lyconthropy (as in the name of the desise)

Who is Marny Kennedys cousin?

she has a cousin name lilli.

What is the birth name of Cousin Junior?

Cousin Junior's birth name is Lanny Kean.

What is the relationship name for a cousin's brother's daughter?

Your first cousin's brother is also your first cousin. Your first cousins daughter is your first cousin once removed.

What was the name of Jeanie's evil brunette cousin in blue also played by Barbra Eden on I Dream of Jeanie?

She was never given a name, and "The Blue Genie" refers to the "Boss" of the genies... not Jeannie's Evil cousin...

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