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Eminem's new single is called we made you from his album Relapse, released in 2009. Since then he has produced his latest album Recovery which included the singles: im not afraid, love the way you lie, Cinderella man, space bound and more. currently he is working on his next album, which will either be called No Matter or Hell:the sequel, no one is sure. His current radio hit single is I need a doctor by Eminem featuring Dr Dre and Skylar gray.

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What is the name of eminems new song?


What is the name of eminems new album?

bad meets evil

What the name of eminems new alblum?

Bad meets Evil

Which is a hit single from Eminems album 'The Slim Shady' LP?

for example 'My Name Is'

Is that really mariah on eminems diss single?


What was eminems first hit?

If you are speaking in hit, It would be My Name Is. If you are speaking of single, It would be Just Don't Give a F

What is eminems current marital status?

Eminem is currently single.

What is eminems new CD?


What is eminems mom name?

it is debie

What are eminems daughters name?


What is eminems YouTube name?


What is the name of eminems daghter?


What is Eminem's daughters last name?

eminems daughters last name is mathers and eminems real name is marshall mathers she took over her dads last name

What year did eminems single till i collapse come out?

i think 2002

What is the name of Eminems new single?

"Beautiful", but if your talking about when he FIRST came back, that was "Crack a' bottle", then a month or two after that it was "We made you" his first hit single was in 1999 and was called " my name is " Ps. I'm a Eminem Aka: Slim-Shady junkie so if you have any other questions about Em, just ask me. lol

Whats eminems daughters name?


Who is Eminems brother?

His name is Nathan Mathers

What is the name of Eminems first album?


What was eminems first hit song?

My Name Is.

What is eminems girlfriends name?

Alyx Rankin.

What is the name of Eminems friend who shot?


What is eminems mothers name?

Deborah Nelson

What is Eminems daoughters name?

Hailie Jade

What is the name of eminems new album and when is it out?

Relapse, and it comes out May 15, 2009 and a Ralapse 2 coming later in 2009.

What is eminems brothers name?

his brothers name is nate (or nathan) mathers;