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Police Academy The Series - 1988 Prince and the Copper 2-12 was released on: USA: 3 December 1988

The Clockwork AngelThe Clockwork PrinceThe Clockwork Princess

The second book in the series is "Clockwork Prince" and it's followed by "Clockwork Princess".

Three: Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess

The second Vampire Academy series isFrostbite.

The book thief Vampire diaries The trickter's choice The vampire academy series Blood and chocolate thirst Dragon's bait The princess diaries Nobody's princess the Alchemist Full metal alchemist

The duration of Princess Charming - TV series - is 2100.0 seconds.

No there is not a 'Princess mononoke' TV series, but there is a TV series called mononoke, I believe that it only has 12 episodes.

It is an Academy in a series of spies for girls. The series is by Ally Carter-they are great...highly recommended!

1. The Frog Princess 2. Dragon's Breath 3. Once Upon A Curse 4. No Place for Magic 5. Salamander Spell 6. Dragon Princess 7. Dragon Kiss 8. A Prince Among Frogs E.D Baker just came out with the 8th book of this series, A Prince Among Frogs, and it will be released in September 2010.

There are six books in the Vampire Academy series. They are:Vampire AcademyFrostbiteShadow KissBlood PromiseSpirit BoundLast Sacrifice

Richelle Mead wrote the Vampire Academy series.

The first book in the series, "The Princess Diaries," was published in 2000. The final novel in the series, "Forever Princess," was published in 2009.

The duration of Prince Regent - TV series - is 3000.0 seconds.

Police Academy The Series - 1997 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:MG6

Princess Tutu is about a girl who is really a duck and has a mysterious red pendant that turns her into princess tutu. There is a prince named Mytho and a kind of mean knight whos favorite words are inappropriate the knights name is Fakir. In episode 7 Princess kraehe comes along who is a crow princess but is really just tricked by the raven and is a normal human girl. They all suffer thanks to Drosselmyer the writer of the story, The Prince and the Raven. The story is based on a crafty raven and a handsome prince who slays the raven and does a forbidden power by taking out his own heart and seals the raven away. Its a very cool anime and if you finish the whole series in a day go on you tube and watch the abridged series! Hope you like this answer!

There are 8 books in the whole series. I have read all of them! They are: The Frog Princess, Dragon's Breath, Once Upon A Curse, No Place for Magic, Salamander Spell, Dragon Princess, and Dragon Kiss. E.D. Baker is finishing up the 8th book of this series, A Prince Among Frogs, and should be released in September 2010. (These books are in the order they were made. I suggest reading Salamander Spell before reading them in the order they were created in. I say this because it is like a prequel and the book 'The Frog Princess' will be easier to understand. Hope you enjoy this series of books!)

No. Fiona is from the Shrek series, which is made by Dreamworks.

Princess Charming - TV series - was created on 2007-01-29.

Princess Charming - TV series - ended on 2007-04-27.

Both the first novel and movie in the Princess Diaries series are entitled "The Princess Diaries."

Police Academy The Series - 1988 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp USA:TV-Y7

There are 9 (nine) volumes in the manga series My Dearest Devil Princess.

No it's not. The Prince of Persia film was based on the game.

There will be three books in the series: Clockwork Angel Clockwork Prince (September 2011) Clockwork Princess(November 2012)

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