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Its a medievil age game.. Its like Dragon Age.. Just the fighting is diferent.. You fight with enemies like when you enter their circle the fight starts.. And you fight in turns.. When your hero dies, you lose the battle.. I mean fighting is just like in Heroes Of Might & Magic V ... So pls.. If you know the answer, tell me.. Thank you in advance... ;))

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Is there a website or program where I can enter the name of a PC model and the name of a game and the website will tell me if that PC will run that game?


What is the name of the Avatar the Last Airbender PC game?

The first game is the same name as the series

Can a PC player play with a ps3 player in bbc2?

The game does not matter a PS3 can not play where a PC plays can not Play a PC Game and a PC can not play an Xbox 360 or PS3 game. You confuse the name of the game it is BBC2 for PC why would you think the software was OK to play against a PS3 when can you put any PS3 game in your PC and play it.

How do you get online for PC?

You can go to any Pokemon center and theres a blue computer and that's a PC. you can access Bebe's PC, (your name)'s PC, Rowan's PC, (also called Oak's PC after you beat the game) and Hall Of Fame (after you beat the game)

What is name that software ps2 game play on PC?


What is the name of the PC game in which you can build a homes?

spore or sims

What your PC need to play mysims?

all you need is to buy the game "Mysims PC" if you have it, add me my name is crossfang

Maplestory last name?

Um, excuse me? Maplestory is not a person's name. It is the name of a MMORPG video game on the PC.

How do you play smackdown ps2 game on PC?

The PS2 game version will not play on a PC and SVR does not come as a PC game

What is the name of an old bear hunting game on PC?

3D Hunting Grizzly

Where do you get this game for PC?

First you need to find out if the game has a PC version, many games do not. If they do not have a PC version you will not be able to get the game in PC format. Emulators have been developed to allow playing of some games on a PC but that would only allow you to play a game not designed for a PC on a PC

Which the best site for PC game download?

Just type in the name of the game and check the security status of the site

What is a good PC game consel?

a good pc game is halo

Is there a Dynasty warriors 7 for PC game?

Yeah, there is PC game!

When will the Percy Jackson PC game come out?

There is a percy pc game?

How do you get Pokemon platinum for PC?

It's a DS game not a PC game.

Can you download PC game mods onto a PS3?

The PS3 will not play PC games and PC game Mods will not mod a PS3 game.

Is there a software to convert PS2 game to PC game?

No there is poor quality software that will allow a PC to try to play the PS2 game, but none that will convent a PS2 game into a PC game

How do you play PC games with out the disc?

You can download no CD keys for the game. type in Google game name and no CD keys

What is a PC DVD game?

gta4 is a game of PC DVD's games like that

What is top PC game of 2010?

the top 10 PC game is gta4

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the shortest game for the PC is called the your my pall

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Whatever DS game you have buy the game for the PC. If you cant buy the game, you don't play DS games on the PC.

How do you convert platstation game on PC to be played?

The game does not get converted and you must find a PS emulator for your PC and make the PC able to play the unconverted game.

What is the serial number for legendary PC game?

What is the serial number for legendary PC game?