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One card game that uses three nickels per player has a couple of different names. Some know it as 'Pass the Trash' while others know it as 'Screw Your Neighbor'.


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Yes a player marks the card of his playing partners. The marker must observe every stroke played by the player whose card he is marking. The player and marker both sign the card at the end of the round.

Nickels, that's what it's called, is when you start with 3 cards in your hand and go up to kings, which is 13 cards. The amount of cards in your hand is what card is a "wild" card. You need at least 3 cards of the same number or in a row of the same suit. This game is where you do not want points. You get points from when somebody else calls "nickels"and puts down all their cards in the groups that they had. If you do not have enough for all cards to have a group, the rest of the cards are now your points. Face cards count as 10, as usual. Whenever you draw or pick up another opponent's card, you must discard afterward. The original origin of this was that you would have nickels and when some called "nickels" everyone had to give them one. There is not much more to explain. Have fun playing Nickels!

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The X card means discard all. When played, you discard all cards of the same color as the discard all card(e.g; if the card on the top of the pile is a green 6, you may play a green discard all card and discard all your green cards.) Play resumes after the player who played the discard all card.

Yes, you are down a player if you get a red card.

The price of the card depends on what player is on the card, how old the card is, and how famous the player is.

Yes, the last card played in a round could be any playable card. If the last card played is a Draw 2 or a Wild Draw 4, the next player still must draw the appropriate number of cards before adding up his/her points.

A player can get 2 yellow cards which = a red card and also get a straight red card. Also a player can get a yellow card but then without getting a 2nd yellow card the player can recieve a straight rad card

Each player gets 6 cards. The player on the dealer's left plays a card, and each player must follow suit. A player who cannot follow suit must draw until he can. The highest card takes the trick, and that player plays a card to begin the next trick. Once the deck is depleted, a player who cannot follow suit picks up the cards that have been played and places them in his hand. The winner is the first person to run out of cards.

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