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It is called a Mountain goat, can also be called Rocky Mountain goat.

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Another name for mountain goat?

Another name for a mountain goat is Rocky Mountain goat. This is a clue that is often used in crossword puzzles. The only place mountain goats are found is in North America. They are not of the same genus as wild goats.

What is another name for the Alpine goat?

The another name for an alpine or mountain goat is IBEX or TBEX .

What anamals live on mountain?

Mountain Goat!!! Lol! Mountain Goat!!! Lol! Mountain Goat!!! Lol!

Where is the mountain goat on poptropica?

What mountain goatthere is not one

Name of the animals found in mountain region?

yak, mountain goat, mountain lion ,snow leopard

Is a mountain goat a herbivore?

Yes, a mountain goat is a herbivore.

What eats a mountain goat?

Cougars, mountain lions, and humans are common predators of the mountain goat. The mountain goat itself is a herbivore and does not prey on any animals.

What are mountain goat perches called?

A perch for a mountain goat is a ledge.

What lives in a mountain?

All i know is a mountain goat, and i know that all of you know that a mountain goat lives in a mountain.

What does the name Yael mean?

the name Yael (יעל) in Hebrew means "mountain goat".

What does thou smell of mountain goat mean?

That you smell like a mountain goat.

What is a wild mountain goat called?

A wild mountain goat is commonly called an ibex.

Other names of mountain goats?

The mountain goat - also known as the Rocky mountain goat, is actually not a goat but belongs to the Bovidae family (Same as cattle and antelopes)

What is the four letter name of a mountain goat?

Ibex They are herbivores and are excellent climbers

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