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What is the name of actor dog in Underdog movie?


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Jason Lee as Shoeshine/Underdog .

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Jason Lee as Shoeshine / Underdog .

In the movie "Underdog" he falls in love with the cocker spaniel Polly Purebred

In the movie, Underdog , the beagle, Shoe Shine, is a lemon beagle. They get that name from the light yellowish fur on their back. The cartoon underdog is although just a cartoon and was not meant to be a specific kind of dog.

CanisThus, a fan of the underdog would be an infracaninophile

Underdog , the "humble and lovable" dog , was a parody of Superman .

A lemon Beagle named Leo was the dog in the 2007 movie. :) correct

The main actor in the movie 'The Shaggy Dog' was Tim Allen. He played a deputy district attorney who is bitten by a dog and begins to develop dog like traits.

Now I'm not 100% on this, but I'm pretty sure he's a Puggle. A Pug/Beagle cross :)

Underdog is a cartoon dog. He begins with the letter U.

Well he is a English beagle !!

There are three: un-der-dog.

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A dog I don't know ( sorry that's all I can say ) :p

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In the 1982 "The Thing", the Thing starts out as a Dog who was played by Jed, who played in 1991 "White Fang".

The trainer for the movie said the dog was a terrier mix. The dog's name is Quince. His name in the movie was Baxter.

Pluto, Goofy, Bolt, Underdog, Slinky

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He is not a dog, let alone UNDERDOG- The Kipling character is a Mongoose. fighting snakes is their natural role, and the animal is a mammal, more intelligent than a reptile, so you can"t call him an underdog.

Sure, you can, there's no limit of saying what you want to name your dog! If in the movie, the dog Shane died or something, it's better not to name your dog Shane. I dont think it's a good idea to name your dog a name that your friend's dog might have, 'cause if that dog got sick, then maybe your dog will also get sick!

Underdog featured a talking beagle dog

why not? You can name your child after a movie...

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