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Could be a click beetle. Does it make a clicking sound when it flips?


A little more detail is needed for this like color, any wings and any fecal droppings available. Take the little bugger in a clear plastic bag to your local county agricultural extension office. There is one in every state in America. It is an extension of our countries argricultural department. The wonderful people there can help you with bug, lawn, garden and numerous other problems with the outdoors. Look in your local phonebook.



If you take a photo of one and email it to I could get one of our staff to identify it for you. If you are unable to take a photo, you could post us a sample and I will get it examined.

Our business address is:

PPC Supplies 11A Goodwood Road Keytec 7 Business Park Pershore Worcs. WR10 2JL UK

We will offer free identification and further information on how to control the pest. We also do have a range of pictures on our website, that could help... however these are all main UK pests.


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