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The female gamete is called an ovum or an egg.

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What other name do call gametes?

They are the sex cells. They are haploid cells.

What are the male gametes female gametes?

female Gametes are Eggs, Ovaries Male Gametes are Sperm

Name the 2 human gametes and tell their chromosome number?

The human gametes are Male gametes are sperm and female gametes are eggs. And the gametes chromosome numbers are 42.

What releases female gametes?

Ovaries release female gametes

Name two types of sex cell?

Egg (female gametes) and sperm (male gametes) cells

Give the name for the male and female gametes?

Sperm and egg

What is the name of the 2 human gametes?

The two types of gametes are sperm cells (male) and egg cells (female).

What does female gametes fused with male gametes make?

unisex gametes

What are human gametes?

Male gametes are sperm and female gametes are eggs

What is the name given to human female haploid gametes?

They are called eggs, or ova.

What are the male gametes and the female gametes?

the male gemete is sperm and the female gamate is egg or Ovum

What are gametes in gametogenesis?

The gametes are also known as sex cells. The male gametes are sperm, and the female gametes are eggs.

What are females gametes called?

Female gametes are called oocytes.

What do gametes have?

Gametes are either egg of a female or sperm of a male!!!!!

How does the size of male gametes compare to that of female gametes?


What is the formation of gametes in females?

Oogenesis is the formation of female gametes.

When a female and male gametes unite is called?

it is called fertilization and the female and male gametes form a zygote. (:

Where are female gametes or eggs developed?

Gametes being fertilized eggs, develop in the uterus or womb of the female.

In which structure or organs does meiosis formation of male gametes and or female gametes occur in animals?

In which structure or organ does meiosis formation of male gametes and or female gametes occur in plants male and females

What are female gametes?


Where do male and female gametes fuse?

Gametes fuse in the process of fertilization.

Are pollen and ovules gametes?

Yes, It is. The pollen is the male gametes of a plant a the ovules is the female gametes of a plant.

What are the female gametes?

The female gamete is the ovum (egg).

Name the 2 gametes?

Sperm, from the male, and ova (more commonly known as eggs), from the female,

Where does the female gamete form?

The Gametes in female are overy. the overy produce hormones and gametes, which is by the uterine fallopian tube....Ar