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There haven't been any "newly discovered stars close to Earth" for over a century. That one is the nearest star to our Sun, a tiny red dwarf called Proxima Centauri, at 4.3 light years. Astronomers were astonished to discover that a star too dim to see with the naked eye could be the closest star!

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Why can comets be seen from Earth?

Comets can be seen from Earth only part of the time, when they are close enough to the Sun.

Was earth seen in 1262?

it was discovered many years ago

When was Neptune first seen on Earth?

It was discovered at the year 1846

Can earth be seen without a telescope why or why not?

Earth can easily be seen without a telescope, simply look close to your feet, you are standing on it. Earth is the planet that we live on.

What planets can be seen from earth?

All of them. That's where they were discovered from. Only Neptune cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Do comets come close to the earth?

Yes, comets come very close to the Earth each year. These comets can be seen passing by the Earth with a telescope.

Can you see a star explode from earth?

If it is close enough then it can be seen

When was Saturn the planet discovered?

Saturn was discovered in ancient times, it can be seen with the eye from earth without any equipment.

Can Saturn be seen without a telescope?

ANSWER:no.because saturn not that close to earth

Who discovered the sun and when was it discovered?

The sun existed before the earth did. No one discovered it since its always been there. Adam, the first person, would have seen it when he was made.

What was the first planet seen using a telescope?

The first one seen was undoubtedly Earth. The first one discoveredwith the aid of telescopes was Uranus.

Name the comet that came close to earth in 1997?

The comet Hale-Bopp could be seen for a record 18 months until April 1st, 1997 when it disappeared.

Can VY Canis Majoris be seen from earth?

Yes, It is is the largest star discovered to date, the fact that we can see it is why we know about it.

What is near planet Mars?

The closest planet to Mars is Earth. Both of the planets can get as close as 55 million kilometers to each other. Mars can be seen very bright at times when it is close to Earth.

When does heles comet come to Florida?

It is seen once in every 70year it is android which passes close from earth

The year Mars was discovered?

Mars can be seen from the Earth without a telescope, people have known about its existence since the stone age.

What was the name of the comet seen on July 23 1995?

Hale-bopp comet was discovered on this date.

When was Sirius discovered?

Sirius A and B were never discovered. They have been in the night sky since humanoids first roamed the Earth. Even the dinosaurs would have seen Sirius. So no one, or creature can be said to have "discovered" Sirius.

What planets do we see from earth?

All the planets were discovered from people on the Earth. The first five were seenin ancient times, Uranus was discovered in 1783 and Neptune in 1846. Without atelescope you can see five, and Uranus can be seen in ideal conditions.============================Update:You can now see seven planets without a telescope:MercuryVenusEarthMarsJupiterSaturnUranus (ideal conditions)

Why is the moon not seen from the earth?

The moon is seen from the Earth...

Why can Sirius be seen without a telescope?

Because it is bright but more importantly, it is relatively close to Earth - a mere 8.6 light years from us, which is close in star terms.

Who and when discovered Mercury as a planet?

Mercury was discovered many thousands of years ago. It can be seen from Earth by the naked eye. The first person to look at Mercury through a telescope was Galileo, in the 17th century.

When will Halley's comet crash into Earth again?

It has never crashed into Earth before and won't in the future. It will be seen from Earth again in 2061, but it won't be close enough to cause any danger to Earth. It will be tens of millions of miles from Earth.

Can comets be seen with the naked eye?

Yes, when they are close enough to Earth. A few years ago Hale-Bopp was spectacular.

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