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A group of lions is called a "pride".

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No, the hyenas do not have a chance unless the lions are too tired to fight.

A pack of lions is known as a pride. A pride is usually mostly related females and a male lion.

A group of lions is called a pride.A pack

Although a pack of hyena's have been known to defend against and kill a solitary lion, IMHO a pack of lions would tear a pack of hyenas to shreads.

A group of lions of any age is called a pride.

A Wolf pack is usually called well a wolf pack... It is very difficult to call it anyother name because, the pride of lions,herd of elephants, etc:

lions live in prides not packs and they usually consists of 3-30 lions

A pack of lions. Or Hyenas.

Hunt it is what they call their pack

A group of lions living together is called a pride.

A "pride" refers to very large cats --- lions, etc. Domestic cats are called a "clowder ".

No, but it is often too large and intimidating for even a pack of lions to attempt to take on. The Cape Water Buffalo is a large dangerous beast that give even a large pack of lions pause, and this beast is often equivalent to the size, stature and intimidation of a domestic bull.

No, but some lions would be injured after they killed the atlas bear.

Neither, lions live in groups called prides.

A pack of lions can kill any bear, a hungry tiger, a pack of wolves, and a hunter with a rifle.

Lions are raised by a whole pack mainly the females but the male will tolerate them

Wolves are cnines and live in the mountains, lions are felines and live in the savannah.

A pack of wolves. cf. A pride of lions.

Lions are part dog A pack of Wolves

* lions * tigers * Hyenas (in the pack) * wolves (in the pack) * wild dogs (in the pack) * Giant snakes have been known to eat a young leopard.

A pride of lions. A pack of wolves. A pack of dogs. A pod of killer whales.

World's Deadliest Collection - 2006 The Pack Lions 1-1 was released on: USA: September 2010

first of all there's no packs in terms of lions. the only common thing that is the same between wolves and lions is both living in social groups,the meaning pack only refer to wolves not lions. the group name of lions called ''pride'',the pride have 1 up to 3 grown male lions that are the leader or leaders of the pride(it's depending if the pride has cubs which needs to have at least one male cub and his father and his brothers have the rule to protect the cubs from intruders(other lion or lions that trying to invade and control the pride or other predators like the lions arch enemies the hyenas).

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