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What is the name of period of transition between old and new stone age?


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New Stone Age was known as Neolithic People . Old Stone Age People were known as Paleolithic people .

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the period between the Stone and the Iron Age is the Bronze Age.

The name of the transition metals found in period 6 are called the Lanthanoids, however they are more commonly placed underneath the table itselft.

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Zirconium is a transition metal, group 4, period 5 in the periodic table of Mendeleev.

Zirconium is a transition metal, group 4 and period 5 in the periodic table of Mendeleev.

The Stone Age was a period during which stone was widely used to make implements. This was before people learned to cast/forge metal

The Neolithic time period or the Neolithic Age.

it is also known as Transition state between reactants and products.

Transition metal group,that is between group 2 and 3

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The Paleolithic Era was an early period of the Stone Age. The word comes from the Greek palaios, meaning "old", and lithos, meaning "stone".

Transition element, or transition metal

The new stone age, more properly known as the Neolithic, is the name given to the period in which people depended on domesticated plants and animals for food but were still using stone tools.

The Stone Age is also known as prehistory and it ranges between 200.000 and 4000 years BCE when the dawn of civilization commenced. This period is divided to three subcategories the Paleolithic, the Mesolithic and the Neolithic one which ended with the dawn of the Bronze age.

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The fact is they quit using stone tools and used bronze. Hence the name.

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