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I think the songs called

Money To Blow - Drake, Lil Wayne and Birdman

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Who is the female singer's name who's in the most recent target commercial about a sweater?

Taylor Swift is the singer in the most recent target commercial. She is a very young, beautiful country, pop artist.

Name of artist or song on current Vizio commercial?

Empire of the Sun's "We are the People" is the name of the artist and song on the current Vizio commercial.

Who is the artist demossier from the mcdonalds commercial?

No such artist, just a pretentious French name.

What is the name of the song from the recent magnum commercial?


Name of the song playing in the recent Chrysler 300 commercial?

SWAY by Dean Martin.........I love this song~ You can find it on itunes under sway remix (The rip off artist)

What is name of artist for new bing commercial?

the artist is alex clare,song called to close

What is the name of the song and the artist for the M and M Commercial?

This Is The Day - The Who

Where I can find the song or the artist and song name of the recent Chevy commercial it's a woman and kind of a folksy song?

try the commercials section of What Is That Song.

What is the name of the girl who sings in the recent Chevy commercial?

Chelsea Williams

What is the name of the most recent Coke commercial?

The most recent Coke commercial is called "The World's New Hunk". It is a remake of a 1994 diet Coke commercial. For 2013 they will be using a younger new sexy star.

What is the name of the recent commercial with Bacardi when he goes all the way back to when bacardi was started?

its a bacardi commercial the name of the song is daylight by Matt and kim

Who is the actress on the recent york peppermint patty commercial?

Her name is Alexi Wasser, she has a blog. The 2011 commercial with the black girl... Her name is Bre Joyner ...

What is the name of the song in the new virgin mobile commercial?

The name of the song in Virgin Mobile's most recent commercial is called "10 Dollar" by M.I.A.

What is the name of the song in the Bold Ford commercial by artist Kelly Clarkson?


Who is the artist singing in the Ford Flex commercial and what's the name of the song?

your pretty -???

What is name and artist of song on the Sprint iPhone 5s commercial?

"Gigantic" by the Pixies

What is the name of Rooms To Go October 2008 commercial jingle?

it's just what you're looking for

What is the name of the song and artist in Cingular's commercial Final Shot?

This site has tons of commercial song info:

The name of the song used in the remy martin commercial or the name of the artist who sings it?

its come away with me by the elkcloner

What is the name and artist of the song in the new Honda commercial?

Ty Taylor/Vintage Trouble

Who is singing the song in the laughing cow commercial?

Laughing Cow commercial song Track Info: Artist Name: Patrick & Eugene Song Name: Don't Stop.

Actor in 2009 Folgers Christmas commercial?

His name is Matthew Alan... well, that's his artist name at least.

What is the name of the track in the new 2013 Chromebook commercial?

The most recent commercial that came out in early 2013 has the "William Tell Overture" in the background.

What is the name of the song by Jordan Sparks in the most recent Weight Watchers Commercial?

song for the lonley

What is the name of the instrumental music in the recent samsung cellular phone commercial?

alone in kyoto by air