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I Like the Way You Love Me is the fourth track on the Michael album.


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He released the album Forever, Michael on January 1st, 1975.

His name is spell MichAEl Jackson and the coolest album he did was definitely Thriller!

The song Heal the world was released in 1992. Heal the world was never the name of an album produced by Michael Jackson, although the song Heal the world is written by Michael Jackson.

well i will tell you the top 10 mj selling albums. #1 is Michael Jackson-thriller #2 Michael Jackson-bad #3 Michael Jackson-off the wall #4 Michael Jackson- dangerous #5 the Jackson 5-third album #6 Michael Jackson HIStory:past present and future book 1 #7 the Jackson 5- ABC #8 Michael Jackson-invincible #9 the Jackson 5-maybe tomrrow and #10 Michael Jackson-blood on the dance floor:HIStory in the mix. so in case u didnt know which is the #1 Jackson 5 selling album of all time its the Jackson 5-third album. and yes third album is the name of the album. REST IN PEACE MICHAEL JACKSON I love you.

Off the wall is the name of the album that only won two grammys.

He didn't name it, he was dead when it was released. Sony named it This Is It because of the movie.

Michael Jackson's song Ben was on the album Ben. It was his 2nd solo album. It was also his first solo number 1 hit. The song Ben was also on a movie of the same name. Hope this helps. God Bless. RIP Michael Jackson.

There are two; This Is It which is a compilation of old songs and Michael which contains all new songs.

Motown Records: Got To Be There Epic Records: Off The Wall

His real name is Michael Joseph Jackson.

"My Name is Jonas" is Track 1 on their first album, which is called Weezer but usually referred to as "The Blue Album".

Michael Jackson was a member of the Jackson 5

It's called "Remember The Time", from the 1991 album "Dangerous"

Yes, his real name is Michael Joseph Jackson.

His name is Michael Jackson

no he didnt he is still Michael Jackson

your mother could be Michael Jackson if that is her name.

Michael Joseph Jackson has been his name his entire life.

Yes,Michael Jackson loved that name.

Yes, Michael did have a middle name. It is 'Joseph' after his father, Joseph Jackson.

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