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== == In and Out of Time

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Q: What is the name of the Maya Angelou poem in 'Madea's Family Reunion'?
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Was Maya angelou in madeas family reunion?


What movies did Maya Angelou star in?

Madea's Family Reunion

What movie did Maya Angelou play in?

madea family reunion

What is the poem called that Maya angelou did on Medea's family reunion?

In and Out of Time

What poet played in Madea's Family Reunion?

Dr. Maya Angelou

Did Maya Angelou recite that child poem?

did Maya Angelo recite the poem called ( That Child) in Tyler's perry movie family reunion

What is the name of the poem Maya Angelou recites at the wedding in tyler perry's movie madea's family reunion?

In and out of time

Does Maya Angelou have a sickness?

no maya angelou does not have a sickness

Does Maya Angelou Have Another Name?

Yes. Her birth name was Marguerite Johnson. She changed it to Maya because her brother Bailey called her My, which was later transformed to Maya and then her family eventually called her Maya Angelou.

Does Maya angelou have kids?

Yes, Maya Angelou has 1 kids

Where does Maya Angelou write at?

Maya Angelou writes in St.ouis

Was a Maya Angelou black?

Yes, Maya Angelou is black

What did Maya Angelou do for the people?

maya angelou was giving speaches

Was Maya Angelou poor?

Yes Maya Angelou was poor.

Was Maya Angelou on drugs?

No, Maya Angelou did not do drugs.

3 interesting facts about Maya Angelou?

1. Maya Angelou is a great poet. 2. Maya Angelou writes many poems. 3. Maya Angelou attended great colleges.

Where is Maya angelou today?

maya angelou died on may 28 2014 sooooo,...... she's dead

When was Maya Angelou born?

Maya Angelou was born on April 4, 1928

Maya Angelou Family Member?

baily and vivian baxter jhonson

Does Maya Angelou have siblings?

Maya Angelou had a brother named Bailey.

Is Maya Angelou die?

Maya Angelou is still alive at 81.

What was the most impressive about Maya Angelou?

What was the most impressive about Maya angelou

Did Maya Angelou die?

Yes, Maya Angelou died on May 28, 2014

Why is Maya Angelou well known?

Maya angelou was well known by her awesomeness:)

Were did Maya Angelou live as a child?

Maya Angelou lived in Stanps, Arkansas.