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The Great Salt Lake is a lake - there are no buildings in it, because it's a lake, and people typically don't build buildings underwater. Also, Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) do not build Cathedrals. They have two types of worship buildings - temples and meetinghouses.

Maybe you are asking about the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City is named after the Great Salt Lake but is located about 20 miles southeast of the lake. That temple is simply called the Salt Lake Temple. Most Mormon temples are named for the city they are in.

There are also several cathedrals in Salt Lake City representing many different religions.

Check out the "Related Links" below to see websites for the Salt Lake Temple and various cathedrals in Salt Lake City.

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Who blazed the Mormon Trail to the Great Salt Lake?

Mormon pioneers.Brigham Young led the caravan of Mormons across the Midwest into the Salt Lake Valley

What was the Purpose of Mormon trail?

The Mormon Trail's purpose was to lead the Mormons to the Great Salt Lake Valley.

Who led the mormon migration to the great salt lake area?

Brigham Young!

How many Mormon churches in Salt Lake City?

None. There are no 'Mormon' churches in Salt Lake City. Actually there are no 'Mormon' churches on the earth.

Did the mormens settle at the Great Salt Lake?

Mormon pioneers settled Salt Lake City and in fact, most of Utah... so yes.

What was Salt Lake City called by the Mormons?

The Mormon pioneers originally named it Great Salt Lake City, but shortened it to Salt Lake City because the name was so long.

When did the Mormons move along the Mormon Trail to a new settlement near the Great Salt Lake?

The Saints arrived in the valley of the Great Salt Lake on 24 July 1847.

Which trail did Brigham Young follow to the Great Salt Lake area?

The Mormon Trail

What did the mormons call their settlement on the Great Salt Lake?

They didn't really make a settlement on the Great Salt Lake, as there is swampy marshland surrounding the lake for several miles. The first city they settled in the area was Great Salt Lake City, later renamed Salt Lake City, which is about 20 miles from the nearest shore of the Great Salt Lake.Salt Lake City and other Mormon settlements in the area were a part of a territory the Mormons named Deseret.

What are the release dates for America's Historic Trails with Tom Bodett - 1996 The Mormon Trail The Great Plains to the Great Salt Lake?

America's Historic Trails with Tom Bodett - 1996 The Mormon Trail The Great Plains to the Great Salt Lake was released on: USA: 15 November 1996

What is the name for the west largest lake next to Mormon settlement?

Maybe you are thinking of the Great Salt Lake, which is a large saltwater lake just west of Salt Lake City, where the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" Church) is located.

Is the Great Salt Lake the only Great Salt Lake in the world?

The Great Salt Lake in Utah is the only lake with the name "Great Salt Lake" but it is not the only saltwater lake in the world.

Is Great Salt Lake a lake?

Yes, the Great Salt Lake is a lake.

Where is Mormon tabernacle?

Salt Lake City

Who founded Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City was founded in 1847 by Mormon Pioneers.

Who was the great Mormon leader that settled the great salt lake area?

Brigham Young lead the Mormon people from the Midwest to Utah, organized them, and sent them to establish colonies all over the west. The majority of the settlements were centered around Salt Lake City, which was (and is) the headquarters of the Church.

Salt Lake City was laid out by Mormons But who was the leader of this?

The city was founded in 1847 as Great Salt Lake City by a group of Mormon pioneers led by their prophet, Brigham Young.

Which lake is larger Lake Mead or Great Salt Lake?

The Great Salt Lake.

Where the Mormon trail end?

The Mormon Trail ended in the Salt Lake Valley in Utah. They built a city, and it later became known as Salt Lake City.

What is the largest lake in Utah?

Great Salt LakeThe Great Salt Lake.

Salt lake city famous for its religious Mormon population is in which state?

Salt Lake City is in Utah.

What is the landmark of Salt Lake City?

The Mormon Tabernacle

How is the Great Salt Lake related to the Great Salt Lake?

The Great Salt Lake is located in the northern part of Utah. It is the largest salt water lake in the Western Hemisphere.

What is the lake that has salt?

The Great Salt Lake

What has more salt the great Salt Lake or the Ocean?

the great salt lake obviously