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What is the name of the National Park located in South Western Florida?

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Everglades National Park

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There are several parks located in South Florida, including the Cypress National Preserve. South Florida also has the Biscayne National Park, the Everglades National Park, and the Dry Tortugas National Park.

The Everglades National Park is located in south Florida. The park has a large tropical wilderness and is the third largest wilderness park in the United States.

The largest national park in South Florida is the Everglades NP followed by Big Cypress National Preserve and then Biscayne NP.

Everglades National Park is located in the south of Florida.

Badlands National Park is located in south western South Dakota near Interior, SD. The Black Hills are located in western South Dakota and partly in eastern Wyoming.

The South Western region of Texas .

South Dakota has two national parks- 1. Badlands National Park, located in southwest South Dakota 2. Wind Cave national Park, located about 10 miles north of the town Hot Springs in the western part of South Dakota

The Florida Everglades are located in south Florida.

The Grand Tetons are located in the north western corner of Wyoming, south of Yellowstone National Park.

The National PArk In Southern Florida Is The Everglades.

"AAA South serves the areas of Florida, Georgia, Middle/Western Tennessee, and Puerto Rico, with the main office being located in Saint Petersburg, Florida."

The everglades are located in south Florida

Crater Lake National Park is located in South Western Oregon, but east of the mid Willamette Valley.

Yellowstone National Park is located in the northwestern corner of the state of Wyoming. Parts of Yellowstone National Park are also located in western Idaho and south central Montana.

Mt. Rushmore is located near Keystone, South Dakota.Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located 23 miles southwest of Rapid City, South Dakota in the Black Hills.Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located in the Black Hills of western South Dakota.

Mount Rushmore is a national monument in the Black Hills mountain range of South Dakota.

No, the city of Miami is located in South Florida - which is east of the Everglades National Park, on the southeastern edge of the Florida Peninsula. For accurate locations of all Floridian cities and towns, simply log on to

Cuba is located 90 miles south of the Florida Keys.

The country located South of the Florida Peninsula is the Communist Island Republic of Cuba.

It is located in the south United States.

Jewel Cave National Monument is located in South Dakota. Mount Rushmore is a National Memorial located in South Dakota.

The largest swamp in North America is called the Everglades. The Everglades are located in the south western part of Florida.

No, Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located in South Dakota. The national monument located in South Dakota is Jewel Cave National Monument.

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