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The song is called "Complain Neighbour" by Tippa Irie. Can be seen on you tube. Another reggae song complaining about a noisy neighbour is 'Man Next Door' by John Holt (of Paragons fame). It has been covered by Dennis Brown and Horace Andy and by Masssive Attack on their 'Mezzanine' album (vocals by Horace Andy).

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How Do you Use Culture In A Sentence?

I enjoy learning new things from my neighbor, an immigrant from a different culture.

In the movie The Wedding Singer what was the Culture Club song that the character George performed repeatedly and possibly the only one he knew?

do you really want to hurt me

In the movie The Wedding Singer what was the Culture Club song that the character George performed repeatedly and was possibly the only one he knew?

The song's title is "Do you really want to hurt me".

Do arts mirror or move culture?

Possibly both.

What was the oldest culture of modern humans?

Possibly the Mayan's

What is the importance of the mosaics?

It could possibly convey their culture

Why should you consider culture in health care?

because culture helps us to identify the organism causing the current disease from which the patient is complaining , when medics cannot diagnose the disease from symptoms , signs etc

The classification of wbc is performed in a?

Blood Culture

What are facts about Canadian culture?

Because the Canadian provice of Quebec was formerly a colony of France, there is still a strong French element in Canadian culture. As a neighbor of the US, Canada has largely been dominated by American culture.

Where are specimens taken from for a herpes simplex culture?

a viral culture is performed using material taken from an ulcer.

How has Pearl Harbor affected Japanese culture?

Possibly: As a tactical victory; and a strategic defeat.

What form of culture did the Jews give to the Greeks?

== == None, unless possibly you mean Christianity.

Which laboratory department are performed by Culture and sensitivity tests?


How does culture age affect results of a spore stain?

Older cultures produce more spores. If the culture is not old enough, the spores will be few, and possibly undetectible.

What is customs and traditions?

Customs are actions that are performed because the culture values them. Traditions can be actions, food that is made, or clothing and games that are valued by the culture.

What is the purpose of a stool culture?

Stool culture is performed to identify bacteria or other organisms in persons with symptoms of gastrointestinal infection, most commonly diarrhea.

Why did the greeks feel a tremendous pride in their culture after 460BC?

The Greeks felt a tremendous pride in their culture after the 460BC because they had performed well in the Persian war.

In the Anglo-Saxon culture the epic upon which Beowulf was based was performed?


What would be the clear discharge from a female spayed dog?

possibly a bladder infection, but your veterinarian should do a culture on the discharge

Why is the Flamenco performed?

It's performed in many nations, but it is particularly important in Spain (Seville). It is a major part of their culture and is an entertaining pass time/hobby.

Who sings in Jesus culture band?

Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilala, and Melissa How. Jake Hamilton also performed in several concert of Jesus Culture though he's not really part of the Jesus Culture

In the Anglo-Saxon culture the epic upon which Beowulf was based was performed by?

scops go

What song does billy Madison dance to on the stairs?

"I'll Tumble For Ya"Performed by Culture Club

What is the significance of cultural diffusion?

It was the first time any big exchange in goods, ideas, and products in Mesopotamia. It spread one culture to another. It helped neighbor cultures.

Is Norway a closer neighbor to Sweden than denmark?

That depends on if you mean by geography or culture. By geography, Norway is closest to Sweden, but culturally, Norway is probably closer to Denmark.