What is the name of the Windows Vista boot loader program?

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its the NT loader
and NT means new technology.

or Winload.exe and it is located in C:\Windows\System32
A+ Guide to software page 300
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Can you download Windows Vista programs on windows xp?

it depends in what computer you using . go to start, then go to help and support then click on support and click on. my computer information then click on view general sistem...... then look if it has space. you'll need 230 memory

IN which Programming language Windows vista is written?

Correct Answer . Windows Vista was programmed in multiple languages for different things. The entire kernel was written in C, while other parts used C++ and possibly .NET. Managed code may have also been used for some upper-level applications. Assembly would've been used for device interaction ( Full Answer )

Is there a printshop type program compatible with windows vista?

I got the Art Explosion Publisher's Pro 2.0, which said it is Vista compatible, but was not able to download past disc 1 before it quit. Tech support said Disc 2 was damaged and they would send another, but it would take around 2 weeks for the process and I was not able to download their form. This ( Full Answer )

How do you boot Windows Vista in safe mode?

My Windows Vista can be booted in safe mode by doing this:. - turn your computer off by the plug. - then turn it back on. - it should say " windows was not shut down properly the last time it was used". - You can then reboot normally to last used settings. - boot in safe mode with MS-DOS. - bo ( Full Answer )

How do you dual-boot Windows XP and Windows Vista?

the best way is to partition your hard drive, or you could run a dual boot on the same drive. basically start in dos,type- fdisk /?. read all the help. you can also use a 3rd party prog such as partition magic / boot magic. their are many ways to do this some are MUCH BETTER THAN OTHERS, and none of ( Full Answer )

What programs come with Windows Vista Home Premium?

Some of the programs that come with Windows Vista Home PremiumService Pack 1 includes Windows Defender, Windows Firewall andWindows Media Center. It also comes with Internet Explorer 7,Windows DVD Maker and Windows Flip 3D.

How do you edit startup programs in Windows Vista?

Goto Windows defender and then goto software explorer. Make sure the drop down box at the top says "startup items." Here, you can prevent items from running on startup. Alternatively, goto start, then run, then type "msconfig", without the quotes. Then, goto the startup tab. Be careful not to stop a ( Full Answer )

Can you run a Windows Vista program in Windows XP?

\nWith very few exceptions, there is no such thing as a "Vista program." Most applications being released still support Windows XP. The only things that could conceivably be considered "Vista programs" are the programs bundled with Windows Vista, or some games released by Microsoft, like Halo 2. The ( Full Answer )

Why does windows vista keep restarting at mid-boot?

I have created a article with a similar problem this might help I have included the article link below. http://www.gl-computers.co.uk/free-articles/windows-vista-configuring-updates-stage-3-of-3-0-complete-loop Hope this helps, if you like the article please post a comment.

How do you run Windows XP programs on Windows Vista?

\nFor 95% of software, you need not do anything. Just install it as you would any other program. For the remaining programs that don't work, right-click the application, select "Properties", and select the Compatibility tab. Here, select Windows XP for the last compatible operating system, and apply ( Full Answer )

How do you dual-boot Windows Vista and OpenSUSE?

Install Vista first. During the installation of OpenSUSE, you will be prompted if you would like to partition the hard drive to make room for OpenSUSE, or format the drive entirely for OpenSUSE. Make a partition of at least 6 GB, plus a swap partition of 1 GB. The installer will automatically instal ( Full Answer )

What is the best backup program for Windows Vista?

The file backup and restore features in Windows Vista make it easier for you to keep your data safe from user error, hardware failure, and other problems. The Windows Backup and Restore Center gives you one place to manage all backup and restore features.. Depending on the version of Windows Vista ( Full Answer )

Can you dual-boot Windows XP and Windows Vista?

Yes, this would work. Yes. XP has to be installed first though because Vista does not allow the dual boot with older operating systems being installed after Vista Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the name of boot loader?

In order to answer the question, one would need to know for which operating system the "bootstrap loader" or boot loader is intended. There have been many boot loaders since electronic computers capable of running stored programs were first developed. Some of the earliest bootstrap loaders had no na ( Full Answer )

What photo resizing program can you use on Windows Vista?

You can use image editing/viewing programs. They can be free (GIMP, Irfanview, Google Picasa, MSPaint) or commercial (Photoshop). Their weakness is the complex interface for this relatively simple task and the more or less their poor support for converting a lot of images in one operation. A better ( Full Answer )

Can you boot a Windows setup program from a USB Flash drive?

You could boot it, but it would never get beyond the initial stages. The setup program looks for the CD after it starts so it can read the rest of the files. Since it does not know how to read a USB Flash drive, it will not find the files it is looking for and will fail.

How to Uninstall a program on Windows Vista?

Go to control panel, and then click program and features. Double click the program you don't want and it will appear with a window to uninstall. Hope that helps

What is the best security program for Windows Vista?

i have used norton for 2 years it has been good to me until i discovered Mcafee at Best Buy. it searches every web site and gives you a green check if its approved. norton is still a good way to go since it will save you some bucks.

What are boot loaders?

Bootloaders are pieces of software that are responsible for helpingto load the operating system into memory during boot time.

With Windows Vista what can a warm boot can be performed by?

Unless you have to, it is many times advantageous to œwarm boot, or rather warm reboot, Windows . In a warm reboot, Windows restarts, but the computer doesnt, skipping the whole pre-Windows boot scree/BIOS/startup sequence. You an easily specify a warm boot in both Windows XP and Windows Vis ( Full Answer )

You want to run a software program on your Windows Vista computer?

First you would need to install the program. Pop the software CD or DVD into the DVD drive and it should automatically start to install itself. If not, double click on the CD or DVD drive shortcut on your desktop and select 'autoplay'. If there is no shortcut to the drive on your desktop, go to 'My ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the mail client in Windows Vista and Windows 7?

Windows Live Mail is the mail client Windows offers. However, in Windows 7 you will first need to download Windows Live first. It is free, and can directly be downloaded from Microsoft's website. It will come with other software as well, but Windows Mail will be included.

What are the three files required to boot Windows Vista?

Windows Vista/7 Key Boot Files BOOTMGR - Found in the MBR this file boots up the Windows operating system BCD (Boot Configuration Data) - is text file that lists the available OS found and tells the BOOTMGR where to find boot partition WINLOAD.EXE- Loads the Windows Interface NTOSKRNL. ( Full Answer )

Can you reset a Windows Vista Computer from the boot menu and how?

Yes. Keep tapping the F8 key until you see a black screen and whiteletters. You will see some commands like "Safe Mode" or "RepairComputer" choose repair and it will take you to a menu it will thangive you more options one would be restore to factory settings orrestore to a previous point. etc.

How do you dual boot Windows Vista and Ubuntu correctly?

Dual-booting Windows and Ubuntu is easy! If you already have Windows installed on your computer, insert the Ubuntu live-CD, reboot into the CD, and follow the on-screen instructions (selecting "Install along side another operating system" when prompted), and you're ready to go! If you are install ( Full Answer )

Can you use a Windows boot loader to load the Linux operating system?

Yes you can. Ubuntu's WUBI uses the Windows bootloader (NTLDR) to boot Linux. It also uses the Windows filesystem (NTFS). This, however, is not the traditional way to do things. The traditional way to dual-boot Linux and Windows is to use a generic bootloader such as Grub to boot both Windows and Li ( Full Answer )

What are boot loader feature in windows 7?

Following are the boot loader features of windows 7: a) Windows Boot Manager(Bootmgr.exe) b) Windows Operating System loader c) Windows Resume Loader

How can one find c program files in Windows Vista?

The fastest way to access the program files folder located on the C drive on a machine running Windows Vista would be to:1. Hold down the Windows key and press R2.Type C:\Program Files in the run prompt that popped up3. Hit the enter key or OK button.