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The entire movie was filmed on soundstages. If you want a... good bar... on Rush Street go to The Whiskey. Hi Adam, Thanks for responding. I'm surprised! I've heard so many people talk about a bar that preceded Gibsons (disco bar in the early 80's called "Faces"). They claim that it was filmed there. Must be a myth. Your recommendation is good, but Viagra Row is still a little too "South Beach" for my taste these days. : ) As I read the question, "Faces" came immediately to mind.

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Was the movie Night at the Museum filmed in Chicago?

"Night at the Museum" filmed at various locations but not in Chicago. It filmed in:New YorkCaliforniaVancouver

Where was Race Street filmed?

It was filmed in San Francisco, California.

Was 'The Dark Knight filmed in LA?

No, it was filmed mainly in Chicago.

Was family matters filmed in new york?

It was filmed in Chicago, Illinois.

What TV show is filmed in Illinois?

Shake It Up is filmed in Chicago.

Where was 1953 film noir 'City That Never Sleeps' shot?

I'm not sure if this is a trick question. The action is set in Chicago, and, according to multiple (Internet) sources, the movie was filmed in Chicago. Reviews mention exteriors of the Wrigley building and Wabash Avenue. If you are looking for specific street locations - good luck...

Where was Nickelback's Music Video Savin Me filmed?

It was filmed in Hastings Street, Vancouver.

Where in LA is shake it up filmed?

Shake it up is filmed in Chicago sometimes but other times its filmed in LA

What street was bread filmed?

elswick street Liverpool 8 Dingle

Where was the new buick commercial filmed?

They filmed it at the intersection of LaSalle Street and Jackson. What City?

Where was nightmare on elm street filmed?

On a street called " Elm Street" somewhere in Orange County.

What movies were shot in Chicago?

Of course there are others, but memorably The Untouchables was filmed in Chicago.

Where was the street that bread was filmed?

30 elswick street, dingle, liverpool, l8

Can you watch Sesame Street being filmed?

No. There is no studio audience for Sesame Street.

Where is shake it up filmed in Chicago?

Sorry to tell you this but shake it up , is filmed in Los Angeles..

Is the show shake it up actally filmed in Chicago?

No, it's filmed in LA like most shows are.

Where was the song who will buy filmed?

Cumberland Street, London.

Where was the poltergeist filmed?

on Roxbury street in Simi Valley

What happened to the man in Hachi a Dog's Tale?

He died of a heart attack. At this moment I'm looking down on the street outside my office in Woonsocket RI where the movie was filmed.

What street is wizards of Waverly place filmed on?

The street is an indoor set at Hollywood Center Studios.

Where was the Dark Knight Filmed?

The parts in The Dark Knight that took place in Gotham City were filmed in Chicago. Another part of the movie was filmed in Hong Kong.

Where was batman begins filmed?

Batman begins was filmed in the following locations:ChicagoLondonBuckinghamshireBedfordshireEssex Iceland

Where was national lampoon's Christmas vacation filmed?

Very little in Chicago. It was mostly filmed at the Burbank Studios and the Burbank Studios' Ranch (exteriors); with some scenes (sledding, shopping with Eddie, tree finding) filmed around Breckenridge, CO. I was there for most of it, but not in Chicago.

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