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Several boats make an appearance in 'Jaws', but the most prominent two are the one in the horrific scene in which a corpse suddenly floats out from a hole in the double-hull below the waterline whilst being investigated by Scuba-divers, and the one in which shark-hunter Quint, police chief Brody and the marine biologist set out in to try and finally kill the great white shark. The boat in the 'corpse' scene was called 'Fascinatin' Rhythm', the boat in the latter part of the film was called the 'Orca', which is the correct name for a killer whale.

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Q: What is the name of the boat in Jaw's?
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What is the name of the boat in the movie jaws?


The name of captain Quints boat in jaws?

The Orca

What was the name of Quints boat in Jaws?

It was named "Orca"

What was the name of Quint's boat in Jaws?

It is called the Orca. You can see it in the movie and it is in the Jaws Universal studios ride in California.

What is the name of the boat in jaws?

The name of Quint's boat is Orca. (Quint is the "shark hunter" played by Robert Shaw in the 1975 film).

What is the name of Quints boat in the movie Jaws?

Orca. The Orca (killer Whale)

How many boats were in jaws?

Just One- Quint's Boat the Orca Get More info with this question- What was the name of Quint's boat?

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It belonged to a friend of mine. This guy who knew my friend heard that they were looking for a boat for this movie jaws. My friend's boat was for sale. Steven spielberg and co. Went to look at his boat and they boughy it. Jack

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What is the length of orca boat jaws?

36 ft

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Robert Shaw

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Who killed the shark in jaws the revenge?

Ellen Brody. She rammed it with a boat and impaled it

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it dosnt really have a name but some people call the shark jaws

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