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br2 is two parts bromine. I think.

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Is br2 an element or compound?

If you mean Br2, it is a compound.

What is the name for covalent compound Br2?

bromine molecule

Is Br2 element or compound?


Is Br2 a compound?

No, it is the element bromine.

Is br2 ionic compound?

No, Br2 consists of two nonmetals bonded together, so it's a covalent bond and an element, not a compound.

Is Br2 a molecular compound?

No. Bromine is an element. Br2, dibromine, is the diatomic form of the element. A compound is formed from 2 or more different elements.

Is Br2 an acid?

No it is not an acid.It is a neutral compound.

Does the compound Br2 have a polar covalent bond?


Which formula represents a binary compound?


Is bromine a covalent or a ionic compound?

Bromine (molecular Br2) is an covalent compound

Is Br2 polar?

No,it is not polar.It is a non polar compound.

Is Br2 an ion?

No it is not an ion. It is a molecule.

What is the name of ionic compound CaBr2?

The answer to this question is Calcium (Ca) Br2 (-ide) Bromide. Put them together, you get Calcium Bromide.

What is the compound symbol of Bromine water?

Formula: Br2(aq)

Is Br2 a pure elemental substance?

yes, it is a pure compound. it is a diatomic molecule.

What formulas represents an ionic compound. CO2 CaCl2 H2O Br2?


What is the chemical name of Br2?

It's Bromine.

What is the ionic compound formed between magnesium and bromine?

2Mg + Br2 ---> 2MgBr Magnesium Bromide

What is the mass of 4.89 x 1020 molecules of Br2?

1 mole Br2 = 159.808g Br2 = 6.022 x 1023 molecules Br2 4.89 x 1020 molecules Br2 x 1mol Br2/6.022 x 1023 molecules Br2 x 159.808g Br2/mol Br2 = 0.130g Br2

What is the name of bromines chemical formula?

Bromine, Br2

What is the covalent name for Br2?

I think it's dibromide..

How could you test a hydrocarbon find out if it is unsaturated?

Just add aqueous solution of KMnO4 or Br2 to the compound the decolourization of these reagents confirm the presence of unsaturation in compound.

Is a Br an element or compound'?

Br (bromine) is an element. It exists as the brown liquid Br2. A compound is a substance formed from two or more elements that are chemically combined.

What type of reaction is K plus Br2?

This is an example of a synthesis reaction since these two elements form a compound.

Answer of H2 Br2?

H2 + Br2 --> 2HBr.

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