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There are many blood vessels on the surface of the uterus which 'feed' the placenta. In the umbilical cord there are usually two arteries and one vein, the arteries taking deoxygenated blood from the fetus to the placenta and one vein taking oxygentated blood fron the placenta to the fetus. Occasionally there nmay be only a single umbilical artery which may be a sign of a kideny malformation in the fetus.

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What is a chicken placenta?

the chicken's placenta, as opposed to a human placenta, does not connect the mother to the child. instead, it connects the mother and the egg. the placenta extends from the mother's anus to the top of the egg. this is why the chicken sits on her eggs.

What does po feedings mean?

PO means by mouth in medical terms, so po feedings means feeding the patient by mouth (as opposed to feeding by NG tube, for instance).

Breast feeding and smoking?

Not the greatest idea, but you're not killing your baby. Try to smoke after a feeding as opposed to just before. Check out for more info.

What does nonplacental mean?

Non-placental simply means developing from eggs - as opposed to the growing foetus being feed by the mothers placenta. Almost all mammals develop within the mothers body - nourished by the placenta. Birds and most reptiles lay eggs - which feed the growing embryo from a limited supply of yolk.

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How can you have a healthy pregnancy?

Eat some healthy foods as opposed to junk foods, in addition, ask your doctor on extra recommendations to a healthy diet.

Are latex condoms best to prevent pregnancy?

Well latex condoms are good to prevent pregnancy for the most part but as opposed to latex or polyurethane condoms or animal skin condoms are all good but I recommend spermicidal lubricated condoms.

What is the ability to produce offsprings?

In humans its pregnancy. To reproduce offspring as opposed to fertility is fecundity. Fecundity also means to reproduce offspring in large numbers and rapidly.

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What is a blighted ovum which is the reason your Dr. said you had a miscarriage?

A blighted ovum is when the sperm and egg meet and implant - the yolk sac grows, but usually no fetal pole (no baby) or sometimes there is a fetal pole, with no heartbeat. You still feel very pregnant because you have the pregnancy hormone due to the placenta beginning to form. You may miscarry naturally, but sometimes that takes weeks. They can do a d&C for a suction currettage (which is done in the office, as opposed to the D&C).

Can you be pregnant if you had your tubes banded in 2003 and your last period was not normal at all and a pregnancy test was negative?

Although tubal "banding" is a popular form of sterilization, it is not a guarantee. If a person is having irregular periods, has had a tubal banding and has a negative pregnancy test they probably aren't pregnant, BUT a too early pregnancy test, spotting as opposed to a period or an ineffective banding on one or both tubes can result in a vialble pregnancy.

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What is the difference between idetical and non idetical twins in the way they are found?

The difference between Identical and Non-Identical twins is that Identical twins share the same placenta and are basically identical to one another. Non-Identical twins do not share the same placenta in the womb and two eggs fertilized at time of conception as opposed to one egg splitting in the case of Identical twins. I think that covers the basics. Hope this has clarified things for you.

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Why is EMBRyO white and not black does this mean it is a non-viable pregnancy in my mare?

Since I have to assume you are seeing an ultrasound...the answer is is not a nonviable early pregnancy the conceptus in a horse is a circular ball that looks black in the center because it is fluid the conceptus changes into an embryo and subsequently a fetus it be comes white because the tissue is hyper-echoic (white) as opposed to hypo-echoic (black) fluid.

How does an ultrasound determine how far along you are?

It gives the ultrasound technician a peek at the fetus, to identify certain key traits that can gauge how far along the pregnancy is. For instance, the presence of a 'yolk sac' is indicative of a pregnancy that is 10 weeks along or less, as that is what nourishes the baby before the placenta and umbilical cord are developed and functioning (which usually occurs at 11 weeks). There are certain traits that are only around for a certain period of time too, like a tail, the oversized head, etc. It helps them be able to more confidently say "you are 9 weeks, 1 day pregnant" as opposed to just 9 weeks. Also, the size, position, and movements of the fetus are all indicators of how developed it is.

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who was the northerner who opposed the civil war?who was the northerner who opposed the civil war?