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In the second Lion King movie, their daughter is Kiara.

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What is the name of the girl lion in the lion king two- simba's pride?

The young lioness cub is Kiara simba's daughter future queen.

What was the name of the lion cub in the Lion King?

Simba. If not, then, you are referring to Nala.

What was Simba's friend's name in Lion King?

Nala the lion cub, Timon the meerkat, Pumbaa the warthog

What is the cub's name in Lion King?

The male cub is Simba, the female is Nala.

What lion on lion king sing's i just can't wait to be king.?

Simba, when he was a cub. At one point, the cub Nala has a few lines in it.

What is the name of Lion King baby tiger?

Cub Simba, if you mean the baby in the movie.

What is the name of simbas girlfriend in the Lion King?

Her name is Nala, she is mischievous as a cub, and loyal and sensible as an adult.

Who was Simba and Nala's baby's name in The Lion King?

At the very end of the first film, the cub wasn't given a specific name nor addressed as a male or female. However, the filmmakers gave the cub a jokename, "Fluffy", but in The Lion King II, the cub was officially renamed Kiara.

What is the name f baby lion?

It is a cub (a lion cub).

What is the name of small lion?

A young lion is called a cub.

What is the given name of young lion?

A young lion is called a Cub

Is Kopa real in the Lion King movies?

He is a real character that appeared in a sequel book titled The Lion King: Six New Adventures. However, the filmmakers stated Simba and Nala's cub at the end of the first movie was named "Fluffy", and never gave the cub a specific gender. The Lion King II envisions the cub as a daughter named Kiara, and no mention of a son is ever said during the movie. So, while he is a real character in a book, he is not an official character in the movies.

What is the scientific name for lion cub?

Panthera leo. The same as an adult lion.

Who was the character story The Lion King?

There are many characters in lion king. Simba, Cub Nala, Scar, and Sarafina. The importent character was Simba.

What is cub animal?

A 'cub' is a word to call a baby animal. For example: lion cub, bear cub

Who was Nyala in The Lion King?

It's Nala and she's Simba's (The main character/gold lion cub) best friend and future mate/wife/spouse And she has GREEN eye's dont belive blue or grey her eye's are GREEN!

What is a baby lion's name?

It's called acub :3A baby lion is called a cub

What was the name of the lion in Born Free?

Elsa is the name of the youngest cub

What is the cub in The Lion King name?

If refering to the cub at the end of The Lion King movie, it's most officially called "Fluffy" and it has no gender nor real name. Hence the commentary track of the film on which the producer and directors of the film talk about the cub. But, the only official movie sequel blended "Fluffy" with Kiara in official content (the film's official trailer), thus the cub's most official identity and name, is Kiara.

Is Lion King evil?

no it is not lion king is about a lion cub named Simba that was framed by his uncle Scar and gets to meet two other characters named Timon and Pumba

What is a lion baby called?

A lion baby is called a cubA baby Lion is called a cub.It's 'CUB' my dear. :D

If lion is to cub elephant is to?

Lion is to cub as elephant is to calf.

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