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The name was Scorched Earth, where they would burn everything they could and then retreat to the next major city.

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What was the name of Famous french defensive line from World War 2?

The Maginot Line.

What other name is known World War 2 in Russia?

Russians refer to World War 2 as "The Great Patriotic War".

What is a defensive end?

A defensive end is the name of a defensive position in American and Canadian football, situated at each end of the defensive line.

Do Russians like hockey?

Russians are second most dominate at hockey in the world behind Canada obviously and they have produced incredible players like *Alex Ovechkin *Tretiak *The Bure's TO name a few.

Name who was the best sharpshooter of World War 2?

Simo Häyhä shoooted Moore than 400 Russians

What is the last level of call of duty world of war?

I cant remember the name of it but it is the level where you almost not cheat death with the russians.

What was the name of the defensive alliance by the Athens?


Besides Britain name another Canadian ally of world war 1?

Australia, New Zealand the US or the French, possibly the Russians

Is there anything in World War 2 that starts with a Z?

Z Plan was the name of Japan's naval battle strategy during World War 2.

Who were the allies of the US in World War 1 and World War 2?

There were quite a few, the British and Russians were the biggest allies but there was also the Canadians, Austrailians, and what was left of the French, to name a few.

Russian tactics in World War 2?

The Russians used numerous tactics, involving:Burning crops as the Russians retreated further into RussiaTrading 'Space for Time'. The further in that Germany got in Russia, the further their supplies were, and reinforcementsto name but a few

What is the name of a defensive player in ultimate frisbee?

The mark

What was the name for the union strategy?


Why do most Russians live in Russia?

Russians live in Russia because that is the country of their births.Note: Today, the name of Russia is "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" (U.S.S.R.), also called Soviet Union Russian or Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik, or Sovetsky SoyuzNote: Russians have and do migrate to live in other countries across the world.

What type of people were killed in world war 2?

every type Jewish English blacks whites asians Americans Russians Germans you name it they died.

The Russian name for a astronaut?

the Russian name for astronaut is cosmonaut. for the cosmos (space) as the Russians call it.

What is the name given to a player on the court who is a defensive specialist?

From my experiences a defensive specialist is usually called a Labero. (La-bear-o)

What was the name of the first satellite in space made by the Russians?

Sputnik-1 was the first satellite in space made by the Russians, it was launched 4th October 1957.

What was the first name of the internet?

The internet. It was developed by Russians to connect to a satellite

In football what is the name the defensive line of players?

The back 4

What are the body's defensive systems?

some long-name thing

What World War 2 words start with z?

"Z Plan" was the name of Japan's naval battle strategy. It starts with the letter Z.

What is the Russian word for 'lesbian'?

The Russians don't have a name for lesbian, but call it "

What is the name of the University of Michigan's defensive football coach?

The defensive coordinator for the 2007 Michigan football team is Ron English. He also coaches the safeties.

What is another name for defensive specialists?

It is a "Libero" which is a main defense player.