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Gary Solomon, he owns the large terra cotta office building just south of belmont on Lincoln, as well as many commercial properties in the Chicago area.

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What was Final Jeopardy for September 13 2010?

The Category was Musical TheaterThe clue was "A Hollywood Venue was renovated and renamed the Aquarius Theater to host this musical in 1968"The answer was What is HairMusical Theatre

Who made Fords theater?

The building was originally a church building, constructed in 1833 as the First Baptist Church of Washington. When the congregation vacated the building, John T. Ford took it over and renovated it as a theater.

Is there a picture of a courthouse from 1735 where Opera of Flora was performed?

It was performed on February 18th, 1735 at the Dock Street Theater in Charleston, SC. The theater has just been renovated over three years and is in use.

When did Ford's Theatre become a theatre?

It opened as a theater in 1861. It was badly damaged by a fire in 1862 and was renovated, opening again in August , 1863. The building had been a Baptist Church, built in 1831.

What theater does the Boston Ballet perform in?

The Boston Ballet's current home is the Citi Wang Theatre. For the next thirty years the Boston Ballet's new home theatre will be the historic newly renovated Boston Opera House.

What is the word 'theater' when translated from English to Japanese?

which theater Gekijō = theater but most understand theater eigakan = is movie theater Shujutsu-shitsu = operating theater

Kinds of theater?

athenian theater, medieval theater, Elizabethan theater, and panoramic theater the difference between the four is their architectural design only

What is childrents theater?

A children's theater is a theater that is suitable for kids.

What is the Shakespeare theater?

It's a Theatre someone has decided to name after Shakespeare. The most famous of these, although neither is strictly speaking called "the Shakespeare Theatre", are Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, built in 1995 in Southwark, London, and the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, originally built in 1932 and substantially renovated since, in Stratford.

What is ancient Greek theater?

ancient Greek theater is just like our type of theater but better because they invented theater.

What is the different between the pacific theater and the European theater?

in the European theater we fought the Germans in the pacific theater we fought the Japanese

What was the globe theater?

The Globe Theater (theatre) was a theater in London associated with Shakespeare.

What type of theater was the Globe theater?

The Globe Theater was an Amphitheater with a Thrust Stage.

What is the difference between a theater and a theater company?

a theater is just the theater itself while a theater company is a community theater where productions are rehearsed and put on at the same place. The theater company wins awards for it's shows instead of an individual show receiving and keeping the awards.

Who built Ford's Theatre in Washington DC?

The site was originally a house of worship, constructed in 1833 as the First Baptist Church of Washington-Architect and Builder unknown. In 1861, after the congregation relocated to a newly built structure, John T. Ford bought the former church and renovated it into a theater. He first called it Ford's Athenaeum.

Where was Roman theater held?

Roman theater was held and performed in THEATERS.Roman theater was held and performed in THEATERS.Roman theater was held and performed in THEATERS.Roman theater was held and performed in THEATERS.Roman theater was held and performed in THEATERS.Roman theater was held and performed in THEATERS.Roman theater was held and performed in THEATERS.Roman theater was held and performed in THEATERS.Roman theater was held and performed in THEATERS.

What are some famous theatres in London?

There are many theaters in London including: Adelhpi Theater, Apollo Theater, Apollo Victoria Theater, Cambridge Theater, Criterion Theater, Old Vic Theater, London Palladium, Palace Theater, Royal Albert Hall, and Royal Opera House.

What is 'theater' when translated from English to Italian?

"Theater" in English is teatro in Italian.

What is a theater orchestra?

A theater orchestra is an orchestra that plays for all the musicals that go on at that theater.

Do Eight different kinds of theater exist in America today?

Eight kinds of contemporary theaters include these forms: Broadway, legitimate theater, motion pictures, television, little theater, university theater, regional theater, and repertory theater.

When do capitalize theater?

Theater is capitalized when it is used as part of a proper nou n. Examples: The Broadway Theater District Folk Arts Theater

What is the full form of IOD?

IOD-(Intimation of Disapproval) is an essential permission given to the developer by the municipal authorities to re-develop an old building.In computers and Home Theater (the catagory of the question), this is not a standard abbreviation, but could be used to indicate a Input Output Device.

How do you get halo reach theater mode?

the theater is already there. click main menu then go to theater

In the 1570's what two professional theater houses were established in London?

In 1576, the professional theater called The Theater was built in London. The Rose theater was also established in London. The Globe theater opened in 1599 and was built from the old The Theater building.

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