What is the name of the Doctor Who delivered Obama?

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President Obama was born at Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you called there, you could probably get the doctor's name from their records.
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How much does a doctor charge to deliver a baby?

A doctor will charge various amounts to deliver a baby. This candepend on if the birth is vaginal, or by C-section. The averagerange is from $15,000 to over $40,000.

What do you call a doctor who helps deliver babies?

A doctor who delivers babies is called an OB or obstetrician andgynecologist. They generally make a lot of money because they workin a speciality field. In fact, they are one of the highest paidtypes of doctors. the doctor for taking out others babies from their womb is called a gynecologist Answer ( Full Answer )

Obamas childrens and wifes names?

Alia and Sasha. also his wifes name is Michelle if you care But I do becauseBrack is off the hissle!!! machelle could also be known as the first lady or first ladymachelle

What are the names of Obamas grandparents names?

Grandfather - Fathers side - Hussein Onyango Obama Grandmother - Fathers side - Akumu Grandfather - Mothers side - Stanley Armour Dunham Grandmother - Mothers side - Madelyn Lee Payne. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_Barack_Obama's_grandparents'_names#ixzz1r2AW0PzM

When delivering a baby and you have a STD does your doctor tell you?

You will have a pap smear and blood tests done at the beginning of your pregnancy to determine if you have an std. The blood test is for syphallis and HIV. The pap smear is for gonnorhea and clamydea (sorry for my terrible spelling)... They will then contact you IF you have one of these. If they did ( Full Answer )

What are the names of all the doctors in Doctor Who?

The 1st Doctor William Hartnell The 2nd Doctor Patrick Troughton The 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee The 4th Doctor Tom Baker The 5th Doctor Peter Davison The 6th Doctor Colin Baker The 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy The 8th Doctor Paul McGann The (8.5 War Doctor) [actually the real 9th] John Hurt The 9th [actua ( Full Answer )

What is the name of people who deliver babies?

There are two types of professionals charged with that task. OB/GYNs who are doctors, and Midwifes who may or may not be doctors. There are then a variety of other people who - because of the absence of a doctor or midwife - deliver babies. In the final extremity, if she is all alone, the woman de ( Full Answer )

Why does President Barack Obama have the name Obama?

Obama is his last name, which he inherited from his biological father. He has used it all his life and has never tried to change it. (Contrary to internet myth, he was never adopted by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro.) Sometimes, when he is jokingly referring to himself, he will just use his last name ( Full Answer )

What is the DO after doctors' names?

In the US it means Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and is very similar to a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree, although it is a slightly different training program with additional emphasis on wellness and preventive care of the human body and sometimes with use of some manipulation (like Chiropractors ( Full Answer )

Woman who helps deliver a baby without a doctor?

\nThat would be a midwife. There are several types of midwives here in America. You can find out about one type, here:http://www.midwife.org/\n\nThey are more used in this country then most people think. If you are interested in using one, you should do a search for your town and midwives and see ( Full Answer )

Obama has a girl name?

If you are asking whether Barack Obama's name is a girl's name, no it is not. "Barack" tends to be a male name, usually from Arabic culture-- his father (Barack Obama Senior) named him. It was a name that was common in Africa; it means "blessed." It is certainly a name that is unusual and not like m ( Full Answer )

What pets does the President Obama have and what are their names?

The first dog arrived at the White House in April, 2009. He is a Portuguese water hound , valued at $1600 and a gift of the late Senator Ted Kennedy. He was named Bo, by his daughters, after Bo Diddley and other Obama family pets. He is black with white front paws and white on his chest.

Names of men who delivered the atomic bombs?

Enola gay crew Colonel Paul Tibbets Captain Robert Lewis Captain Theodore Van Kirk Major Thomas Ferebee Lieutenant Jacob Beser Sergeant Joseph Stiborik Private Richard Nelson Staff Sergeant Wyatt Duzenbury Staff Sergeant Robert Caron Captain Deke Parson 2nd Lieutenant Morris Jeppson Bock ( Full Answer )

Obama wifes name and kids?

Wife: Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama (b. 1/17/1964) Kids: Malia Ann Obama (b. 1998) Natasha Obama (b. 2001)

What are the 11 names of the Doctors in Doctor Who?

1) William Hartnell 2) Patrick Troughton 3) Jon Pertwee 4) Tom Baker 5) Peter Davison 6) Colin Baker 7) Sylvester McCoy 8) Paul McGann 9) Christopher Eccleston 10) David Tennant 11) Matt Smith 12)Peter Capaldi In the first movie it was Peter Cushion - 1965 and then Paul Mcgann1996

Why did barry Obama change his name?

He was named Barack at birth and that is the name he goes by now. Barry was a nickname he used as a boy. I suppose that when he grew up he decided to go by his real name.

What was the name of the first doctor in Doctor Who?

The 1st Doctor who aired on November 23rd 1963 was William Hartnell. He regenerated in 1966 into Patrick Troughton, followed by Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker (the longest-running and crowd favourite from the original run), Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, then the movie in 1996 starred Paul McG ( Full Answer )

What is the doctor name in Doctor Who?

The doctors name is spoken about a lot of times but never sad. Likethe doctor says."Silence will fall when the qeuistion is asked,Doctor Who?"

What is Obama last names?

Well Obama last name is Obama his name is Barack Obama. His last name is OBAMA

Can a male doctor deliver the baby?

YES he can help u if in emergency and female medical rep is not available your are safe with him . Need not shy from doctors In most countries they make no difference in male or female doctors as long as they are qualified. In many countries it's also not the doctor delivering the baby unless s ( Full Answer )

Why did Obama never change his name?

Because he liked his name and he didn't want to change it because of his dad or even he never thought of changing his name.

What are all the names the doctor has in Doctor Who?

Just the Doctor He sometimes goes by the name 'John Smith'. ------- The Doctor is not a name, it is a title he gave himself. He has also used, answered to, or been called; Professor, John Smith, JSMITH, Jsmith8, Johann Schmidt, Dr. Schmidt, Jean Forgeron, Dr. John Smith, Theta Sigma, ΘΣ, T ( Full Answer )

What did Obama promise us but did not deliver?

First, it should be noted that all presidents, from both parties, make campaign promises. Some of these promises will be fulfilled, while others will not. It should also be noted that there are many reasons why presidents do not (or can not) keep campaign promises. That said, one of the main promise ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the doctors dauter in Doctor Who?

In the episode of the new series of Doctor Who, "The Doctor's daughter", the Doctor's Daughter was called Jenny. She was played by British Actress Georgia Moffett, the real life daughter of Peter Davison, who played the fifth Doctor. She is now married to David Tennant, who played the tenth Do ( Full Answer )

What was the doctors name?

The Doctor's name. His real name, the one on his Gallifreyan birth (or loom, if you're one of the people who follow that tangent) certificate. The greatest secret in the world. Well, not really. You see, in Marvel Comics Presents #57, a US reprint of Doctor Who strips in 1980, the backmatter page by ( Full Answer )

Why do osama and Obama name relate?

They don't. One is a first name, the other a last name. One is an Arabic name, one is an African name. The fact that they are similar in sound (or that they rhyme) is totally a coincidence. (And as for Osama, that is a translation of the Arabic name -- the actual sound is closer to a U-- Usama-- tha ( Full Answer )

Who named Barack Obama dog?

I think it was a family decision. The dog was a present forPresident Obama's two daughters, Malia and Sasha. The name derivedin part after Michelle Obama's father's nickname Diddley; the dogis a namesake of the deceased singer Bo Diddley.

What names of the people voted for Obama?

Since millions of people voted for the president, it would be impossible to give you their names; besides, voting is confidential, so we cannot say which people voted for which candidates unless those people publicly said so in the media. (This sometimes happens with celebrities or famous people, wh ( Full Answer )

Why was Barack Obama named after his father?

This seems to be a cultural custom: many men throughout history have wanted their son to bear the same name: John Smith and John Smith Jr., or James Jones Senior, James Jones II, etc. Mr. Obama's dad seemed to share that viewpoint that a man's son should carry on his name. The irony, of course, is t ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the doctor that delivered Greta Garbo in 1905?

Although the name of the doctor that delivered Greta Garbo is not known, she was born at 7:30 PM at Sodra Maternity Hostpial in Stockholm, Sweden. She was 52 centimeters long and weight 3.5 kilograms. The day after she was born, Pastor Hildebrand christened her.

What is Delivered Dish's Twitter name?

Delivered Dish is a delivery service that delivers food from over 150 restaurants in the Portland area. It's Twitter name is @delivereddish and it's page contains contact information and restaurant suggestions.

What does The Doctor name his daughter on Doctor Who?

The Doctor names his daughter "Jenny." Jenny was created by anextraction of the 10th Doctor's DNA, from tissue in his hand. Jennyhas the ability to regenerate just as the Timelord race. This meansshe has The Doctor's abilities.

What happens if President Obama fails to deliver on the default?

While the president's political opponents hope the country will default, so they can blame him for it, the truth is that only one segment of the Republican party, the so-called "Tea Party" wing of the Republicans, wants and supports a default, based on what some of their members have repeatedly said ( Full Answer )

How is the Doctor Who name?

Firstly, get a cat. Rinse it out. And blend it with Oregano. Next place it in the oven for 20 mins at about 100 degress. Then take it out and serve it with coleslaw.

What is The Doctor's name from Doctor Who Name?

This is the whole point- nobody knows what his real name is.Although he seems like an Earth person he is in fact a humanoidalien known as a Time Lord from the far-distant planet Gallifrey,which is very much bigger and infinitely more technically advancedthan Earth. His native language is Gallifresia ( Full Answer )