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What was the film and soundtrack where Stephanie Powers played the part of a twin and adopted the sisters identity when the other twin died?


Stephanie powers played the part of a twin sister and adopted the sisters identity what is the film called?

The movie is called Deceptions. See related links for more details.

In what movie did Stephanie Powers star as twins?

She starred in a 'made for television' movie called Deceptions (1985) as twin sisters Stephanie and Sabrina.

What is Stephanie powers height and weight?

i would like to know how much does Stephanie powers weigh and how tall is she?

Did Stephanie Powers make a TV movie called The Two Mrs GrenVilles?

Stephanie Powers was not in the 1987 movie.

In which film does Stefanie Powers play twin sisters?

In "Deceptions" Stefanie Powers (b. November 2, 1942) plays twin sisters.The film is a made-for-TV movie that was released on May 27, 1985. Powers plays Sabrina Longworth and Stephanie Roberts, identical twins who meet for a birthday celebration in Venice. They decide to switch places. Sabrina decides to go back to Stephanie's husband and family, and Stephanie tries out Sabrina's jetsetter life in Europe.

Did Stephanie powers star in along came polly?


What is the first name of an actress named powers?


Who was actor William Holden's girlfriend when he died?

Stephanie Powers.

How many episodes of heart to heart did Stephanie powers?


Do brothers and sisters share telepathic powers?


How old is Stefanie Powers?

Stefanie Powers is 75 years old (born Stephanie Paul, November 2, 1942).

Was there a movie for TV called Masquerade starring Stephanie Powers?

it was called "Mistral's Daughter" i was 5 and i loved it. Sorry who ever wrote that but - No it was not called Mistral's Daughter - that is a TV series based on a Judith Krantz book and a totally different thing. There was a movie for TV - I thought it was called Masquerade too but I've found out it was called "Deceptions" - it was about twin sisters who switched lives - I loved it

Where can you buy the film 'Deceptions' starring Stephanie Powers?

Go here.. if this link doesn't work at least try to go to

When was Stephanie Powers born?

She was born November 2nd 1942 in Hollywood, California.

Is the book deception popular?

It was adapted into a two-part (or more) TV movie starring Stephanie Powers in the twin roles of the Princess and the College student, and also featured Gina Lollobrigida as an old-country noblewoman. In the film one of the two identical girls died in a suspicious accident- the other picked up her identity. I did not see the movie but see the plot has some similarities to (Prince and the Pauper) in more modern dress and the plot did involve gangsters.

How many episodes of heart to heart was Stephanie powers in?

111 . It was on i'm a celebrity get me out of here.

Where do you find the movie deceptions featuring Stephanie powers and barry bostwick?

The movie "Deceptions" with Stephanie Powers and Barry Bostwick can be found in classic film stores. It may also be found at the bargain counter of big box stores like Walmart.

What was the name of the 1931 crime drama starring James Cagney as Tom Powers?

"The Public Enemy"

Stephanie powers film 24 years ago?

Stephanie Powers made two movies in 1984: Family Secrets (daughter, mother and grandmother together for a weekend) and Mistral's Daughter (miniseries based on a Judith Krantz novel about a French artist and his relationships with three women0.

What does spider mans costume represent?

Spiderman's costumeb represents the super powers he was granted after being bitten by a spider. Also the costume represents his separate identity when he is using his super powers.

Is the television movie 'Deceptions' featuring Stephanie Powers and Barry Bostwick available on VHS or DVD?


Who was the girl who danced in the opening of Under the Yum Yum the Tree?

I believe it was a young 21 yr old Stephanie Powers

Who was the actress in the Austin powers 4?

It comes out 2013. Jay Roach is directing and Mike Meyers is writing and starring in it that is all that I know.

What is name of Movie similar to 'Deliverance' set in French Louisiana?

Southern Comfortstarring Kieth Carradine and Powers Booth.