What is the name of the first missile boat built in India?

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When was the first boat built?

It has been thought that no date could be put on when the first boat was built as it is likely that as with such innovations, the wheel is another example, which pre-date hist

Date first boat was built?

Prehistoric times, before we had records (probably before we had WRITING!)

When was the first official boat built?

It was made at the end of the 5th nazi zombie war when obama ordered the hit on the last zombie named osamab bin zombie. They made the first boat for his body to be lost at se

Who built the first steam boat?

Robert Fulton * Added - Although Fulton developed the frst commercial steamboat, many steamboats were built long before. The first recorded successful steamboat was built by

When was Mexico's first boat built?

You mean ever? First boats were used to transport people from the mainland to the several islands close to the Mexican shore, some 2,200 years ago. That is the way islands suc
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Who built the first torpedo boat?

The British Royal Navy built the first boat to launchself-propelled torpedoes in 1877. They followed up with new designsright up till WW1 and on. The Italian Navy also built m