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the first solar powered car , also known as the "sunmobile"

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Q: What is the name of the first solar powered car?
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Name of first solar powered car?

The name of the first Solar-Powered Car (or SPC as i call it), is the 1955 15-inch long 'Sunmobile'.

Who was the first person to invent the solar powered car?

the solar powered car was invented by Alfred Pandori 1985

Will solar powered cars be made?

The first solar powered car was been back in 1981 and they have made solar powered cars ever since then. The most popular solar powered car and is also the fastsest is called the Sunswift IVy.

How does a solar powered stop?

How does a solar powered car stop

Do solar cars need fuel?

No because they are powered by solar energy! Hence the name 'Solar Car'

Is a solar powered car faster than a battery powered car?

Solar powered cars are battery powered cars. The solar array is charging the batteries. So there is no real difference.

Who invented the solar powered race car?

Solar cars were first built by universities and manufacturers

What is the cost of a solar powered car?

The cheapest solar powered car is $5,560 (this car is Chinese). The most expensive solar powered car is between $284,000 (Australian) and $1.5 million dollars (possibly American or European)!!

Is a battery powered car faster than a solar powered car?


How expensive is one solar powered car?

There are no 100% solar powered cars for sale today.

Who invented solar powered cars?

In this century solar powered cars are fully developed and making a name in the automobile industry. But the first solar car was invented by General Motors member William G. Cobb as a tiny 15-inch vehicle called the Sunmobile.

How fast can the fastest solar powered car go?

The fastest solar powered car (on earth) can run over 250 mph (1050 watts). The name of this record breaker/holder is called the Sunswift IVy.

Are there such things as a car powered by sun and the moon?

There are solar powered cars.

Can you make a solar powered car with a store bout car?


Why might someone switch from using a gasoline-powered car to a solar-powered car?

Because people dont want to waste money on gas and want to help out the enviorment. With a solar powered car, it will save them money but the solar powered car may cost a lot of money and be less useable.

What are solar cars?

Solar powered cars are cars that are powered by the sun. when the sun is not out the car will not start, when the sun is out, it will start!

How many watts is a solar-powered car?

None. Solar-powered cars are based on sun-ray and not watts.

How does a solar powered car stop?

brakes, or no sun

What is the price of a solar powered car?

$20,000,000,000 $500,000

How does a a solar powered car stop?

You step on the brakes.

What is the fastest solar powered car?

The fastest solar powered car is called the Sunswift IVy with a raging record breaking/holding speed of over 250 mph.

What is the level of carbon dioxide produced by solar powered cars?

A solar powered car would produce zero carbon dioxide.

What is in a solar powered car?

pretty much solar panels no engine and just same stuff in the cab of the car

When was the first solar powered car introduced?

It was first shown at the General Motors Powerama in Chicago by William G. Cobb in 1955.

How did they come to the idea of a solar powered car?

Sunlight + solar panel = free energy.