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What is the name of the girl in the current Pantene shampoo commercial?

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Maria Menounos

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Who is the girl in the Pantene commercial the new one for shampoo that's lasts for four hours in hot weather shes blond?

Katy perry

Who is the blonde girl in the Pantene commercial?

Sienna miller

What is the name of the girl in the latest Pantene commercial?

Stacy London

What shampoo do you use when washing your American girl dolls hair?

Herbal Essence, (excuse my spelling if it's wrong) Johnson's Baby Shampoo, or Pantene. I use Pantene, which is what I use for my hair. If you don't have any of these, just use what you have =)

Girl in the Pantene pro v and Lowe's commercial?

she is hot and her name is Zibby Allen

What is the name of the song in the Pantene commercial about Deaf Violin Girl?

Canon in D but a different version

Is the girl playing the violin in the Pantene commercial really deaf?

it's Pachelbel's CANON in D

What is the name of the deaf girl who played the violin in the extraordinary Pantene commercial?

Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul, or nickname Baifern

Who is the girl in the axe shampoo commercial?

Kim Allen is the latest

Who is the gorgeous Asian girl in the new Pantene Pro-V commercial?

britany spears before lypo is it a American commercial because i seen one with ayase haruka but its a Japanese commercial

Which shampoo is better Head and Shoulders or Pantene?

K they are both good products but I would use head and shoulders since when I was a title girl and it made my hair nice and soft but Pantene also works it leaves the shine all day and it smells really good

What companies do Animal testing and which don't?

Clorox, Cover Girl, Colgate, and others test on animals.i found out that pantene shampoo i use also is still used for testing animals and pledge

Who is the girl in the current Toyota Corolla commercial?

Who is woman dancer in red jumpsuit in toyota Corolla commercial

Who is the girl in the current mini baby bell cheese commercial?

Lauren bishop

Who is the black girl in the current time warner commercial where they are dressing for a wedding?

Adrienne Warren

Who is the girl in the current ambiencr commercial?

She looks like a girl i knew from UCSB named Cyndy Bash. Can anyone confirm?

Can you wash your American girl doll's hair with puppy shampoo or bunny shampoo?

You can wash your American Girl doll's hair with puppy shampoo or bunny shampoo, but it is probably a better idea to not wash it at all unless it is truly dirty.

Can you put shampoo and conditioner on your American girl doll's hair?

Yes, you can put shampoo and conditioner on your American girl doll's hair

Who is the girl in the current Lowe's commercial that wants to paint her room and dye her hair purple?

It's Kelsey Lewis.

Who is the girl in the ihop commercial?

Who is the girl in the new IHOP commercial

Who is the beautiful brunette in the Tresemme - Fresh Start Dry Shampoo commercial and print adverts?

Deb D'Agostino, New York Model is in this commercial with I believe it's a blonde girl. There are also ads in magazine print and online advertisments.

What is the name of the current Gossip Girl commercial - french lyrics?

"Ça Plane Pour Moi" by Plastic Bertrand.

Who is the blonde girl in the ortho mattress commercial?

There were 2. Before Jan 2015, Camille ? 2015 - current is Casey OKeefe

What are examples of suave shampoo that you can use on American girl dolls hair?

I would not recommend using suave on an American girl dolls hair. If you want to shampoo their hair you should use a much gentler shampoo like johnsons baby shampoo or herbal essences( moisturize or restore)

Who is the designer of the dresses in the Pantene ProV commercial where the woman is walking down stairs?

The only thing I can tell you about is that the girl in the dresses walking dowstair is my doughter . She is actress and model for Elite Model and and this TV commercial was made and directed by Rebecca Blake ( NY). Can you please let me know were did you see this commercial ? we are Brazilian and we leave in Brasil. Sorry for my bad English... Many thanks Helena Scaff