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The hollow at the base of the throat is called the supra-sternal notch.

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Supra Sternal notch

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Q: What is the name of the hollow part in the neck below the chin?
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What is the colarbone?

You have two collarbones one each side of your neck. Put your fingers under you chin and run them down the front of your throat till you reach a hollow at the top of you chest - then run your fingers towards your shoulder. The curved bone that you can feel is one of your collarbones.

How long would it take to get rid of a double chin?

a very long time because its ur neck and u dont lose weight on ure neck like u do on the rest of ure body

What is the communications link between the brain and the rest of the body below the neck?

The spinal column.

What do you do to open an infant's airway?

(see the related question below) Where there is no suspected cervical (neck) injury, the way to open the airway is by use the head tilt-chin lift. Tilt the victims head back with a hand on their forehead and two fingers under their chin, so that the tongue wont get in the way There are two separate types of victims: 1. a 'Medical' patient - i.e. heart attack, stroke, seizure, diabetic. 2. a 'Trauma' patient - i.e. signs of injury, (bleeding, breaks, burns, bites, poisoning. 1. To open the airway of a 'Medical' patient, tilt the head back with the palm of one hand and with the other lift the bony part of the chin, (the mandible should be vertical). - This is called the 'Head Tilt, Chin Lift'. 2. To open the airway of a 'Trauma' patient, sit behind the patients head, place your thumbs on the maxilla bones, (cheek bones), place your index fingers below the ear lobe onto the hinge of the mandible ,(jaw bone), and lift the mandible upward without moving the head - This is called the 'Jaw Thrust Maneuver.

What is the technical name for wombs?

The technical name for "neck of the womb" is the Cervix

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A man raises his chin to shave his neck This action is?

Hyperextension of the neck

What style neck line with double chin?

a high neck to discise it.

What rest on your neck your chin or head?

a pillow

Is rolling your neck bad for you?

No if you do it the right way. You line up your neck with your spine. Then, you put your chin to your chest. While keeping your chin to chest, roll your neck to the side. You are not supposed to roll your neck to the back. Roll your neck back to the center while still keeping your chin to your chest. Then you do the same thing just to the opposite side.

What is a turkeys chin called?

the name of the turkey's neck is called a "gobbler".

When was Michelle Chin born?

Michelle Chin was born in Great Neck, in New York, USA.

What do you mean by neckline?

Neckline refers to the height of the collar or neck area of a shirt or article of clothing below the chin. A high neckline might include a turtleneck while a low neckline could be a V-neck.

What is the part of the body between the chest and the lips?

Neck, chin.

What is the hawaiian word for neck and chin?

Aloha: Neck - A-i [A-ee] sometimes [ah-ee] but not as correct Chin - Auwae [ow-vway] sometimes [ow-vay] sometimes [ow-way].

What is the space between your chin and your chest called?

The space between your chin and your chest is called your Neck. The neck is the part of a person's body that connects the head to the rest of the body, and also links the spinal cord to the brain.

How do you grow a lemmy?

Let your face grow, then shave your chin and neck

What the curve and hollow part of the wine bottle called?

the neck