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The main blood vessel from the heart to the lungs is the pulmonary artery (the only artery to carry deoxygenated blood). This then branches off into smaller arteries and then capillaries

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Q: What is the name of the large blood vessel through which blood travels from the heart to the lungs?
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Is blood propelled through the body by the pumping action of the heart?

yes it is. the blood travels through tubes in the body called vessels. there are 4 types of vessel but i can't be bothered listing them!!!the smallest is the capillary vessel

List in order the types of blood vessels blood travels through as it goes from the heart to the body cells and back againWhat happens in the blood vessels near the body cells?

i dont know in great detail but this is it roughly: away from the heart the blood travels in arteries. at body cells it travels through the wall in the blood vessel to the cells. the blood travels back in the veins

What blood vessel travels from the liver to heart?

The hepatic vein carries from the liver to the heart. All veins carry blood to the heart.

Blood returning to the heart from the lungs travels through?

it travels through the aorta

What blood vessel travels to the heart?

Veins travel towards the heart while arteries travel away from the heart.

How blood go in your heart?

Blood Travels through Veins

What does blood pass through?

Blood travels through arteries, veins and the heart.

What type of vessel is used when blood travels from the heart to the muscle in upper arm?

the veins

What is the large blood vessel through which blood leaves the heart?


The large blood vessel through which blood leaves the heart is the?

the aorta

What two ways are veins structurally different from arteries?

blood travels away from the heart through arteries and blood travels to the heart through the veins

What is the blood vessel that take the blood to the heart called?

the blood vessel that takes blood to the heart is called the blood vessel that takes blood to the heart.

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