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Are you thinking of "J.T" by Jane Wagner and Gordon Parks, Jr, published by Dell, 1969? The little boy is JT, he names the cat Bones. I believe this may have been made into a movie as well. Thank you for the answer ... you're an angel. And yes, that was the movie I was talking about, made in 1969 also. I strongly recommend the book and/or the movie for youngsters, between the ages of ~9-15. It's a little dated but the overall message is timeless. Thanks again! The actor who played JT, Kevin Hooks still has a lively career in entertainment. He's acted in such films as "Innerspace" with Dennis Quiad and directed "Fled" and has been a guest director on many T.V. series such as "E.R." and "Lost" and many more. I thought I was the only one whoe remembered that obscure movie JT. My teachers in elementary school used to show it to us every year, this was mid to late 70's. We loved it. I Googled it and found some of that info out. He's also from Philly which is the area I'm from. Regards I misremembered the movie as "T.J. and the Cat", and can hardly think about it without crying. You can find out lots more about the movie "J.T." at Especially check out the user comments section.

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Q: What is the name of the late 70s or early 80s movie or after school special about a little black city boy who finds and keeps a kitten possibly named JJ?
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