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There aren't any lemurs seen in The Lion King, as most lemurs reside in the country, Madagascar, where The Lion King, for a fact, isn't set there.

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What is the name of the bad lion in ''The Lion King?

The name of the bad lion on The Lion King is Scar.

What is the name of the hedgehog name in the lion king?

There are no hedgehogs in the lion king.

Name of the bird in the Lion King?

The name of the bird in the Lion King is Zazu.

What is the birth name of Lemar Parrish?

Lemar Parrish's birth name is Lemar R. Parrish.

What is the snake's name in ''The Lion King''?

there was no snake IN The Lion King..

What was Simba's father's name in Lion King?

Mufasa was Simba's father's name in the Lion King.

Who is the mother of the Lion King?

The Lion King (Simba) mom's name is Sarabi.

What was simba's daughter's name in The Lion King 2?

Kiara was the name of daughter in Lion king 2

What is the name of the Lion King of France?

Louis VIII was known as the "Lion"- King of France.

What is the name of the lion king in ''The Lion King''?

Mufasa in the begging and Simba in the end

What Disney character name begins with R?

Rafiki in the lion king Rafiki in the lion king

What was pumbaa's friend's name in the Lion King?

pumpas friend on the lion king is called Timon

A Name for a lion?

The lion king films, have already chosen the best names for a lion.

What does the name lion mean?

The word " lion " means, " King of beasts "

What was the name of the lion cub in the Lion King?

Simba. If not, then, you are referring to Nala.

What is the name of the daughter cub in 'The Lion King'?

In the second Lion King movie, their daughter is Kiara.

What is the name of the evil lion in the Disney's movie The lion king?

In the first lion king , there is only one evil lion called scarin the second lion king however there is a whole pride of evil lions lead by zeba ,

What is the baboon in Lion King name?

In the movie The Lion King and The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, he is called Rafiki, but in the books it may be different. I have not read them yet. ~Kizzy

Name of the girl lion in the Lion King?

in lion king 1-Nala,Sarafina,Sarabi in the 2nd movie-Vitani,Zira,Kiara :)

Name of two lions in Lion King?

The lion characters are: The Lion King I: Simba, Mufasa, Sarabi, Sarafina, Nala, and Scar. The Lion King II: Kiara, Nala, Simba, Zira, Vitani and Nuka.

What is the name of the mouse in the movie the lion king at the beginning of the movie?

There is no name for the field mouse we see at the beginning of The Lion King that we see Scar talk to.

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