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What is the name of the main character of Kingdom Hearts?


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Sora is the main character because the plot of Kingdom Hearts revolves around Sora, who is the character that you play as in the majority of Kingdom Hearts games.

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Riku's last name was never mentioned in the Kingdom Hearts series.

There is no character that goes by the name of 'Thomas'in any Kingdom Hearts game.

Leon is a side character that appears in most of the Kingdom Hearts games. His true identity is Squall Leonheart, the main character from Final Fantasy VIII. In the first Kingdom Hearts game Yuffie (another side character, originating from Final Fantasy VII) calls him Squall, but is quickly rebuffed, as Leon tells her he no longer goes by that name. It is not explained why, however.

Although the name Kingdom of hearts sounds cool, the game is called Kingdom hearts.

The first instalment of the Kingdom Hearts saga is titled: Kingdom Hearts.

if you mean the kingdom hearts character Kiari the creator of kingdom hearts says that her name can mean "sea" the Japanese pronounciation of sea is Kai so....get it? I hope that's right

You must defeat a secret boss in the land of departure in kingdom hearts birth by sleep. You can do this with any character (Terra, Ventus, and Aqua.)

They call it darkside but it doesnt have a (main) name like his nobody, Roxas.

First off, Kingdom Hearts 3 has not been released yet, and neither has the name. So I can only speculate upon a future event that has yet to happen. I am also going to disregard the name, as Kingdom Hearts 2 does not have a surname. However, the answer is yes. Interviews with team coordinators as Square Enix have confirmed that Sora will withstand as the games main character throughout the end of the Xehanort Saga, which is destined to end with Kingdom Hearts 3. However, it has not been confirmed whether the Xehanort Saga will be the end of Kingdom Hearts, or of Sora...

Sora was never given a last name by Tetsuya Nomura (character creator and director for Kingdom Hearts).

He doesn't have one, No one in Kingdom Hearts does.

kingdom hearts birth by isn't three its unknown

No one really knows for sure. But Kingdom Hearts is based about having all the hearts of people's into one place (Kingdom Hearts)

Her name is Selphie and she appears in Kingdom Hearts 1 as the weakest fighter on the Destiny Islands. The character Selphie is actually from Final Fantasy VIII, while the other characters from the Destiny Islands (referred to during Kingdom Hearts II) are Tidus and Wakka from Final Fantasy X.

There is no continuation yet, but there is Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. But there should be another as kingdom hearts is known to be a trilogy. only including official (meaning not CoM, or BBS, or anything with an actual new name to it.) games called simply, Kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts II, and will be, kingdom hearts III.

Riku is a character from the game Kingdom Hearts, which is a Disney release for the PlayStation. The meaning of the name Riku is land.

The main songs in Kingdom Hearts are: Dearly Beloved, Sanctuary and Simple & Clean. "Passion" also known as "Sanctuary" is the theme song of Kingdoms Hearts 2 though.Hope that helped!

For the Ps2 : Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts 2 Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of memories For the GBA: Kingdom hearts Chain of memories And i think there's one (or gonna be one) for the mobile and the games that are going to come out are Kingdom hearts 358/2 days <---- for DS Kingdom hearts: Birth by sleep <--- for PSP

What is the name of the main character?

Sora's name translates in Japanese to either Sky, Air or Heaven, but if you are speaking about Venn, Terra and Aqua, form Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Venn would be the one that associates with wind.

In both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 the first keyblade used by Sora is the Kingdom Key.

The intro song for Kingdom Hearts II is Sanctuaryby Utada Hikaru.

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