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H2O is the molecule that is the source of oxygen from photosynthesis. It is important to note that the oxygen is a by-product of photosynthesis. Some chemical names for it includes hydrogen hydroxide and dihydrogen monoxide.

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splitting of water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen.

With the production of one molecule of sugar six molecules of oxygen are produced during photosynthesis.

Yes , O2 molecule is produced during light dependent reactions of photosynthesis after being split from H2O by effect of energy..

Glucose and Oxygen gas are produced during photosynthesis.

Oxygen (O2) is produced in photosynthesis.

Oxygen doesn't do anything during photosynthesis, oxygen is produced when photosynthesis occurs and is then released from the plants.

Oxygen is NOT neede for photosynthesis.... although Carbon dioxide is neededOxygen is produced during photosynthesis. This is produced by photliyis of water

Water is the molecule that is split during the light reaction of photosynthesis when releasing oxygen.

6 molecule of oxygen and water,1 molecule of glucose.

Formation of ATP by ATP syntheses releases a molecule of oxygen

The process of photosynthesis does not use oxygen, rather oxygen is produced as a bye product during photosynthesis.

Molecular oxygen, O2, is produced as a byproduct during photosynthesis. This oxygen comes from water molecules consumed in the process.

The by product is Oxygen. Molecular oxygen is produced .

Yes oxygen enters the air during photosynthesis after the plant has produced sugar it releases oxygen

Then photosynthesis would not be happening because oxygen is a by product of photosynthesis

Oxygen is produced during photosynthesis , so when it is reversed , Carbon Dioxide is produces

The oxygen produced during photosynthesis comes directly from light from the sun. Oxygen is made by the plants interaction with carbon dioxide, water, and light energy.

Photosynthesis occurs only during the day(in presence of sun).so a part oxygen produced during photosynthesis is stored by the plant for its use during the absence of sun and the rest is let off to the atmosphere

Photosynthesis produces Glucose (C6H12O6) and Oxygen (O2).

The oxygen that is produced in photosynthesis goes into the air.

If oxygen were not produced during photosynthesis then organisms could not perform cellular respiration. This means that they couldn't produce carbon dioxide which would make the plants unable to undergo photosynthesis.

water is produced in photosynthesis - along with glucose and oxygen.

Water is not produces during photosynthesis. The products of photosynthesis are oxygen and glucose. Water is needed to make these products.

The oxygen produced by photosynthesis mixes with the natural atmosphere.

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