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Hancock County.

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Q: What is the name of the most northern county in West Virginia?
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Who was wv's most famous sketch artist?

Hills of Preston county ,west Virginia

What region of the US is West Virginia located in?

West Virginia is in the eastern half of the US. It is considered the most southern northern state, but the most northern southern state. However, the state technically is considered a southern state as it resides below the Maxon-Dixon line. West Virginia is bordered by Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky.

What county had the most deaths per capita in Vietnam?

For starters: West Virginia had the most deaths per capita, 81%.

Is West Virginia a northern or southern state?

It is the northern most southern state. So yes, it is a southern state. Yes, its a Southern state !

What is Virginia's most populated county?

Fairfax County

What is the northern most county in WV?

Hancock County.

What direction is West Virginia from South Carolina?

If you travel straight north from most parts of South Carolina, you would eventually cross into West Virginia. From the easternmost parts of South Carolina, you would have to go north and a bit west to get into West Virginia.

Which county in west Virginia has the most archaeological sites?

Either Shepherdstown or Romney I guess. They're the two oldest towns in the state.

What state borders Virginia to the west?

West Virginia and Kentucky. Most of Kentucky was once western Virginia.

Where can you find arrowheads in Virginia?

most middle Virginia and up into northern

What northern-most state where in the confederacy?


What is most of West Virginia covered un?

75% of West Virginia is covered in forests.

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